Who loves a good curry?


A simple curry. It’s not so much about getting it done quickly. It takes a little bit of time.

Try this:


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Steve , I love curry it’s one of my favourite meals . I will try to make this when I’m less tired . I’m in the middle of trying to make a shepherds pie tonight . It’s just a simple recipe that I’ve done for years but I always try to use fresh herbs and leeks as well as a small red onion and i tend to use lamb mince . The mash is usually wonky potatoes and a few other things like sweet potato or Swede or parsip if I’ve got them . Today i was lucky to find potatoes they had all sprouted under the kitchen cupboard. Im particularly exhausted today but no Molly, shes staying over at school thank goodness! I feel like ive acheived so little today , Rochelle brought Naomi and Laura and we went to the Park at the back of us. That wiped me out !! Thank goodness for my perching chair I’ve peeled and cooked everything perched up . The kitchens a mess …but that’s another story. Michelle and Frazer xx