• Everyone going for toast and a coffee I am Will need to try and get a wee bit sleep now (5.55 )
  • Or I will be like the liuving dead in for the rest of the there’s a surprise
  • You all thought it was m.s we all had .bye

hi rosie

i’m a night walker (love that name, like something out of game of thrones).

my son is the same, he has had mental health problems.

so out of a family of four there are 2 zombies and 2 healthy workers.

actually next time i’m invited to a fancy dress i want to go as a zombie!

i have the walk of one!

carole x

what to do when the biscuit falls into the mug is a dilemma that has plagued me all my life.

after scalding my fingers trying to fish it out i now keep a spoon at hand.

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I never knew there was so much to it.

Ewwww, get another coffee, pronto would be my answer, I can’t do floaty bits in beverages, unless it’s fruit, nasty xx


We all is awesome.

We is awesome Mr D, but one is deviating from the conundrum, to dunk or not to dunk, this is the question. The science is that sugar (in said biscuit) melts in hot beverages, it becomes mush, as does flour (even lumpy) the additives (solid matter) will then sink to the bottom of mug/china cup/bucket, this leads to sediment & floaty bits, which are basically nasty. Chocolate will float (milk solids & cocoa, have you noticed why dark choccy 1s melt?). Milky 1s have fat added (floats) dark choccy doesn’t have as much fat & less sugar, but still, bunged on a digestive it will become a choccy mess on the bottom of the hot beverage, rather than the top. All in all, still a practice of preference, me, I prefer them separate, don’t mess with the tea is my thing (Gin won’t take a dunking, I’ve tried, but at least the biccy is whole) x

Tracey, you is awesome. You have explained, together with appropriate and detailed examples and with the authority of a dietitian, no less, the reason why I do not dunk. Ever. Anything. Into any hot beverage.

In fact I don’t dunk bread into soup either. Because the nature of bread is to break up and end up as sludge in the bottom of the bowl.

Or has that little fact just overcomplicated the whole issue?

Whatever Tracey. You is boss.


Sue, you is awesome too, I am full of trivial explanations of why things should/do not come together. Biscuits are not meant for dunking (mine & your opinion) if people want to indulge in such disgusting activities, I will honour their wishes, for you & I, it’s abhorrent, biscuits are solids, solids don’t mix with fluids (if they are constructed of afore mentioned ingredients) & neither should bread be dunked in such a fashion. Biscuits is biscuits, bread is bread, not dunky material, soggy messes. Croutons on the other hand, float, resist soggy bottoms because they are fried in oil, hence floating & a crusty barrier that prevents liquid entering quickly, I’m scienced out now, forgot in the recesses of my brain such info was present, must be other s**t lurking there, somewhere, I feel a debate coming on…x

Now then Grandma, Marmite is perfectly legal & whole heartedly endorsed (long as that’s not dunked). Dunking, however, for Sue & I, is not acceptable (not in our cups anyway), I refuse to have a Farleys rusk type mush in a cup, anyone else’s preference is their thing, disgusting, but entirely their choice. I was going to add another reason, but as it’s breakfast time, I will keep it to myself, for now. x

Let me see if I has got all this awesomeness correct.

  1. Scientists don’t dunk unless it is gin; then they can dunk because the biscuit won’t sink to the top.

  2. Therefore scientists don’t dunk they get drunk.

  3. [Removed by the Moderator]

  4. Ducks don’t dunk. They float.

  5. Tracey = .

}. Grandma is availably to email at any time of the day or nightie.

Splendid. I’m going to have a lie down now.

Correct Mr D, you have a little lie down & caress your brain, I can see today is your turn for the brain cell, just don’t wear it out it’s the only 1 we’ve got.

Marmite is most definitely legal and should never be dunked. Croutons in fact, you are right Tracey about their floatability, but not horrible things that come in packets and are just dried up lumps of cardboard. They should be made of nice bread and fried. Then they could be put on soup or salads.

I am entirely of your mind when it comes to Farley’s risk type nastiness.

And yet will also allow others to have their, also legal (if unwholesome) opinions about dunking. And if it’s done for medical reasons, then doubly legal. I’m sure that there is such a thing in the convoluted legal system of this country. Or maybe that will come only after the dreaded B event.


I’m home too. Sorry Grandma, I didn’t miss you as I’ve had a well deserved very late lie in today.

A quiz for you: What is worst?

a) an ESA claim form,

b) a root canal, or

c) a camera up the bum?

This week I’ve had all three. And I know which is worst. And it’s not the camera up the bum, as I told the colorectal surgeon which he was doing it!


Bloody hell Sue, I thought I was having a bad week! Really hope that’s it for a long while. I’m torn between the root canal & ESA form, both are a form of torture & both are the stuff of nightmares. The ‘bum’ thing is definitely the better of the 3, the others really are a pain in the arse. Hoping you are having the ‘usual’ later, to numb the pain/s? xx

I have been very ‘lucky’ just lately. I had my first root canal filling, the second appointment for which was 4 weeks ago. When I started to get pain I thought it was an infection in the same tooth. Nope, my very lovely dentist said, ‘sorry Sue you need another one’. And however lovely the man, I didn’t want his hands in my mouth again. And this second one was a very nasty beast, being horribly infected the anaesthetic didn’t work. So he had to keep adding more. He prescribed extra gin (like I said, he’s a nice man) to wash the antibiotics down with. But I haven’t really felt like drinking. But tonight, my first day without pains in the teeth or the arse, will be a gin day. I suspect the Bombay Sapphire will be coming out to play. And our dinner will be slightly more solid food than for the last two dinners (tomato soup, without bread dunked in it) but still easy to eat since I have a temporary filling in one tooth, while the other one still isn’t quite healed yet!! Still, I think the horror of an ESA form was probably the worst - days after it was announced that people in the support group (tick), with a life long disease (tick) and unlikely to work again (also tick) wouldn’t be required to fill them in anymore. So I guess I am one of the last lucky people in that group to have to complete one. So my recommendation for dinner, Grandma is something nice and easy so you don’t have to stand for long. In this house Mr Sssue will be serving up a ready made cottage pie together with overcooked vegetables. (Easy to eat!) to be preceded by a (home large) gin, and accompanied by some wine. Sue

I’ll pour you 1 then Sue, I too am indulging, horrible week (nowhere near as bad as yours) MIL is likely to be incarcerated for the foreseeable future, for a MIL she is a lovely lady, don’t suppose many daughter in laws can say that (not the 1s I know anyway). So all in all, we need a Bombay Sapphire, in a large vessel (bucket may come in handy again) & plenty of pampering. I’ll meet you in the virtual bar very soon, bread & biscuits are banned, unless it’s crackers & cheese, but I’m not dunking them either. x

well i dunked my toast this morning because i had no clementine marmalade left (i’m addicted to it).

received notification of my tribunal re the PIP fiasco.

i really didn’t want to put myself through any more so i phoned the lady at welfare rights who has been supporting me.

she suggested asking for a paper only assessment so i said okay.

just been to the nicest shop in town for yummy stuff for tea.

so my agenda is:

  • stuff my face with nice food

  • get the gin out.

and apart from frequent pee breaks that’s my lot.

then read some of my book which is really funny “calling major tom” by david m. barnett.

it’s about a kid called thomas major from wigan (my home town) who becomes an astronaut.

promise i won’t splutter my gin everywhere laughing at it.

happy days, and after the gin happy daze.

carole x

I too have a very sweet and lovely MIL. Lost her marbles and is in a home, but still lovely. And hears my voice from behind her and says, ‘that’s my Sue’. I’ll forgive any loss of memory, cognitive function and right thinking for that love. I have my M & FILs wedding picture on my shelf. It was 1948 and they looked at each other like they could gobble each other up (the same way she now looks at cake!) and were happily married until his death 9 years ago.

And the Butler has now served my bucket of BS and T. Hoorahhh!! I’m not really eating so I’ll live without snacks of any kind. And never, ever will anything sully the blessed GnT by means of dunkage!