Put the kettle on!

So glad that it’s cool enough today to be able to enjoy a cuppa!

Oh! Brain just made a random connection there! Poll(y) put the kettle on ;D When you think about the actual words, aren’t nursery rhymes bizarre?

But anyway, what beverages do you guys enjoy?

I’ve currently got Tetley (as they were on offer). I like Yorkshire Tea from preference, their blend for hard water’s wonderful, just like tea in Cornwall! PG Pyramids are decent too. I find Typhoo nasty for some reason.

If money was no option I’d get Assam, though Twinings English Breakfast is very nice. Actually, if money was truly no option I’d get some of this:

Fortnum & Mason Old Silver Teapot Tea Blend

Never tried it, but I just love the name, and the pretty tin! You’d probably need a mortgage to buy a tin of it though, wouldn’t you! Good ol’ Fortnums.

Use Tassimo

Twinings Russian,Earl Grey,English Breakfast and Green Tea and Mint.


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Same here Jelly. Tetley Strong or Yorkshire. Nice and strong.

I hate the standard stuff now. If I visit someone and have a cup of standard tea it tastes like water!!! Yuk!!

Shazzie xx

PG Tips, strong, white, one sugar.

*holds out empty mug…

Truly, if I had cash to waste, I’d spend a lot of it on tea. The top half of one of my food cupboards was completely full of boxes of various teas at one point. I just love buying different kinds to try. Particularly herbal and fruity ones.

Russian tea, Graham, that sounds interesting, tell me more!

I love peppermint tea! Will have drank many gallons of that over the years. I used to take it in my flask to work, you should have seen people’s faces when they caught a whiff. All very, “Ew, what you got in there?!” Bless 'em! xD

I finally got into green tea after finding you shouldn’t boil the water to make it, and that was why it ended up so bitter. I just let it reach a gentle simmer now and it’s great. Lemon, and jasmine green teas, MMM!

I got my mum some delicious-sounding tea from Twinings for Christmas. It’s a white tea with hints of rose, almond and fig. Thankfully it lived up to its promise and is lovely! Wonderfully refreshing, and smells amazing too.

I enjoy Earl Grey, Red Bush, Peppermint, Camomile - but no so keen on ‘normal’ tea… had Pear and Apple the other day round a friend’s house - hadn’t tried that one before, so it’s on the shopping list now!

H x

Hi mint, fenel, ginger. Pear and apple sounds nice. Fresh mint tea is nice - have that at the cafe down the road sometimes. Cold mint tea I find refreshing.

Ooh! Pear and apple sounds delish! That a Twinings one, yes?

I used to drink loads of redbush, I think maybe too much because I find I don’t fancy it any more. Shame really because it was a good thing to drink at bedtime in the cooler weather.

There’s a Twinings green tea with Ginger which I highly recommend, very nice!

Weak, black, no sugar

Jan x

Jan, have you tried it with a slice of lemon? (or a slice of lemon juice) that’s super refreshing in weak black tea.

No, never tried it with lemon I’ll give it a go when/if I remember to buy the lemon. Coffee was my favoured drink till five years ago when I had my last and severest relapse couldn’t stomach coffee it for about a year, I have one now and again but don’t enjoy it like I used to.

Jan x

I’ve always been a tea girl, though I do enjoy a coffee of the milky variety. Actually if I drink proper coffee if has to be made with 100% milk, or the jolt of caffeine has a distressing effect on my poor brain. It can’t deal with it at all, it’s basically like the top of my head unscrews and floats away.

Black coffee, no sugar. (Since I was young. Best after a chicken and mushroom pot noodle, it gives the coffee a smokey taste) IMO…


The Russian Etoile tea is black and citrus based.

Lovely with Manuka honey as a sweetner.

Graham x

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Normally a Twinings Earl Grey girl but the Russian Etoile sounds lovely

I’m sticking with Tia Maria

Jan x

I drink Kenco instant coffee and Tetley tea …both DECAF !!

The tea, in particular, is far weaker than ‘normal’ caffeinated stuff, but I’ve just got used to it over the years (…still awful, but a bit more bearable than at first!) …coffee not too bad, but had to experiment with several brands before finding a tolerable one !!

Any suggestions for a decaf tea that still has some flavour ?


I have tried most decaf tea and my vote goes to PG tips pyramid bags. But tbh they are mostly all the same but it does help with the bladder.

Mags xx

Ok, so my question is…

Is it the caffeine that give these drinks they flavour? Or is it the process that removes the caffeine that destroys it?

No idea but can you tell me why I can drink tea but if I drink coffee no matter how it is made it makes me shaky and I feel weird ( ask my hubby and he will say I am always weird) I like strong tea with very little milk. Quite like fruit teas too