Green tea - can I teach myself to love it?

OK, I’m quite sceptical of its so-called miracle properties, but I am getting fed up with bladder irritation, especially when it has me up during the night, so although there’s no way I’m giving up coffee, I think I need to switch to a low-caffeine alternative - probably for evenings only, at the moment.

I’ve never been over-keen on green or white tea (traditional Chinese tea, in other words), but I’ve done what may seem, in the light of that, to be a rather crazy thing, and bought a dear little glass teapot, a cup and saucer, and some Chinese flowering tea.

For those who don’t know (and I didn’t, 'til I saw it on Amazon), flowering tea is when the tea is sewn up in little balls, with real flowers, and when you add the hot water, the flower opens - hence the glass teapot, so I can watch.

You get the taste of both the tea and whichever flowers it is.

Now I haven’t tried it yet, so it may be too soon to assume I won’t like it. I thought if the tea-making was really pretty, with lovely tea and equipment, it might help persuade me this is a treat.

But I still think it’s going to be a bit of an acquired taste. So, how do I teach myself to like it - apart from making it all look as beautiful and exotic as possible?

I know I won’t be able to drink it without sweetening (never have in the past, anyway) - so, what do you put in? Sugar? Honey? How much?

Can a confirmed coffee drinker ever be won over?


hi anita

i’m a confirmed coffee addict and although i have 4 packets of green tea in my cupboard i just cannot make myself like it.

i think your teapot sounds beautiful though.

so maybe you will win out with this.

i have been plagued with UTIs recently and even boiled a load of barley to drink the water. - yuck!!

tried squeezing lemon into it and adding honey but one day was all i managed.

good luck - if it works for you i will have to invest in a glass teapot.

carole x

Oh dear, I’m already thinking the glass teapot is going to be a white elephant I could ill afford. :frowning:

I just thought if it all looked pretty, it might encourage me. I’ll probably try the first one tonight, and report back.

Stupidly, I’m almost scared of it now - scared of realising I don’t like it, and spent all that money for nothing!

The teapot is a thing of beauty - though very tiny - just one cup. It does have a removable infuser, so I could use it for fruit infusions, if I just can’t get on with the China tea.



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I ran on coffee for decades.
Then I switched over to tea, with just one cup of coffee a day.
Then it was a switch over to decaf coffee.
Then, an over excitable bladder took me to a continence nurse - and she made me switch to decaf tea.
I cannot say I notice any difference at all.

one thing you could look at is Rooibos (Redbush) tea. Its a Serth Efrican thing that is naturally without caffeine.


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hiya tina

i was barista for 5 years-absolutely loved it! the job and the coffee. 2 cups daily. u may be aware of some of my issues via here but currently i am one cuppa a week! its very bad for bladder and i have to stay in house if i decide to have that cuppa. i do like the various herbal teas-lemon and ginger (tho not together) various fruity ones. i have tried to like green tea but nope, cant do it!

anything should not be a punishment! its deciding if u can cope with the consequences-just like everything else! if u r not enjoying it or have to use gimmicks to convince urself to like it i dont think you will maintain it. however i would be delighted if u can prove otherwise!

good intention is easy initially-its maintaining it thats the hard bit. (new year resolutions for example!)

i am all for positivity and being as healthy as poss but am also realistic! good luck with it all.

ellie x

Hi, I love green tea but you don’t need too much tea just a pinch in medium size teapot and brew for just 3 minutes otherwise it tastes really bitter.

Cheers Ellie,

I certainly agree that anything you decide to do for yourself healthwise should not end up seeming like a punishment!

It was a fit of madness to buy it, but they looked so beautiful and positively indulgent, I thought it might persuade me I was treating myself, and not taking some vile medicine.

I do appreciate putting a ribbon round the bottle does not exactly make a vile-tasting medicine less vile, but I live in hope.

I’m hoping the taste of the flowers will mitigate the taste of the tea, and make it an altogether different experience. Otherwise I shall end up committing the cardinal sin of putting milk in it! (Don’t ever tell anyone I would do this - we are sworn to secrecy, right? )

The “flowering tea” is far too expensive as an everyday choice, anyway - they are true works of art.

Albeit quite good value, as apparently you can steep each one up to three times, without loss of quality, although you have to leave it a little longer each time.

Sounded a bit disgusting - like used teabags - but if you’re meant to be able to use them multiple times, why not? It remains to be seen if I want to, though!



if Green Tea was good enough for the Queen Mother it should be good for you Anitra.

Thank you - I haven’t got any control over the amount, as they are pre-sized little bundles, not loose leaf, but it’s a tiny teapot, so it might turn out a bit strong. Perhaps leave even less than three minutes, or pour some, and top up, to dilute the strength.

Should I use boiling water, or just off boiling?

And do you add any sweetener? I realise that’s a matter of taste, and what you do may not necessarily be right for me, but I’m just curious how others drink it.


I thought gin was good enough for the Queen Mum, and on that basis, it’s certainly good for me too!

Thing is, I doubt a G&T at bedtime, though much enjoyed, would really help with the waterworky problem - alcohol’s just as bad as coffee.


I used to quite like jasmine tea, and that didn’t need sweetening as the jasmine is already a little bit sweeter.

Or there’s a Thai infusion type thing that has galangal (or ginger root) and lemongrass in it. I’ll have a look for what else goes in it if you like the sound of that. I liked it a lot and that would be better than caffeine. In fact I think I might try to make some, it’ll have to be tomorrow now, cos I don’t have all (or in fact any) of the ingredients!! And lovely OH is out so I can’t persuade him to go & get them. I think it had a few strips of ginger, a bit of bashed lemongrass, some palm sugar and fresh lime juice. All with boiling water poured over and left to infuse for a few minutes.

Hmmm I’d forgotten that til now.


Tina, the only way you`re gonna know if you like/get used to it, is to try it. Then vary the dilution/honey/sugar.

I tried green tea…both horrible and nice…depending on different brands.

I love the idea of the tea pot and watching the infusion.

That alone would make you/me feel better!


I thought green tea was supposed to aggravate the bladder anyway, although sure there are plenty of other benefits.

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I used to drink tea; good and strong with heaps of sugar.

However, time spent in America (where all tea is overwhelmed by cinnamon it seemed) i was coerced to coffee.

A time did see me drinking Green Tea and Lotus Flower, but now i cannae touch the stuff. Makes me want to wretch just thinking about it for some reason. I guess i drank my ration.

But to echo DoctorGeoff… Roobios (red bush) is very good! Caffeine free and tastes like the good old strong stuff i grew up with.

I love the sound of your little teapot and the flowering tea.

My nurse recommended I switch to decaf drinks when I was having to wake twice a night for visits to the toilet shortly after diagnosis. I just use decaf tea and decaf coffee and haven’t noticed a difference in taste. To be honest, I never was much of a coffee drinker though so I’m probably a poor judge of decaf coffees. I sometimes have the fruit infusions for a change.

Have you tried it yet?


Hi Tina,

This subject came up on a FB forum I belong to, and it appears that you can buy green tea with various different added flavours. Just had a quick ‘dip into the Amazon’, and yes, there is quite a selection, albeit in the form of tea bags.

Your teapot sounds lovely!

Mags :slight_smile:

Hello, Tracey and Mags!

Excuse me being lazy and trying to reply to you both in one post.

No favouritism intended in picking Tracey’s to answer - I had to pick one, so just picked the top one!

Yes, I have now tried it, and it was (is) fascinating and exotic to watch the little posies “bloom” in the water.

I think it’s fun for that alone, and would make a nice present for somebody (I’m not saying I’m giving mine away!), but it hasn’t become my new favourite drink.

I do think the tea flavoured with flowers is slightly more palatable than plain green tea I’ve tried in the past. I still can’t drink it without sweetener, and have found honey the best, as it’s quite floral anyway, and goes with the taste of the tea. It also enhances the golden colour of the tea (despite being called “green tea”, it doesn’t really come out green, but a sort of straw colour).

I will persevere, but I must confess I made the mistake of buying a new little coffee pot and some speciality coffees at the same time, and I’m wild about the coffees in a way I’ll never be about the tea, even though they’re not as pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk such great coffee at home before. It’s not a machine - just a dripper jug with a fine mesh filter.

Both the coffee and tea have needed experimentation to get the best brew. I think I’m pretty consistent in how I do it, but sometimes it comes out much better than others - I suppose just a slight difference in how hot you have the water (both are supposed to be just off boiling), or how long you let it steep are enough to change the taste. It’s annoying after you’ve done three good ones (not all at once) to suddenly do a lousy one, but not know what you did differently.

I’ve never been much of a cook, but you know how occasionally, you do something exactly the same as usual (you think!), but it just doesn’t turn out as well? The tea and coffee are exactly like that - every nth cup just doesn’t come out quite as expected, but you never know how you spoilt it.

None of it’s made much difference to being up in the night - in fact, it doesn’t seem closely related to what I’ve been drinking at all.

Occasionally, I’ve defied all commonsense, and had a strong coffee late at night, just because I really, really fancied one. I’ve said to myself: “I will pay for this later, and be up in the night”. But, to my surprise, slept right through 'til morning.

Other times, I think I’ve been really careful - no alcohol or caffeine past about 6 p.m, but still up in the night. So I haven’t really worked out what’s triggering it. All evening of clean living is no guarantee.

I think, on average, it’s happened less often recently, even though I haven’t been that diligent about switching to healthier drinks.

Sometimes I seem to get stuck in a pattern, that if I’ve been up in the night for a couple of nights, my body starts expecting to go at that time, and it persists for quite a few days - very annoyingly, as it does make me rough next day, if I’ve been up for the bathroom, and then not able to get back to sleep, because my meds are wearing off.

Anyway, if anyone’s looking for Chrissy pressy ideas, I do think the glass teapot and flowering teas are very pretty and unusual - especially for anyone who already drinks green tea.

I don’t think they’re going to convert anyone that hates the stuff, though. Overall verdict: nicer than some I’ve tried before, and the novelty value is high, but I’m not likely to get addicted. The coffee, I will easily get addicted!

But no surprises, really - I’ve always known I’m more of a coffee person. It’s like being a cat or dog person really, isn’t it? You know which you are!

I really can’t stand decaf coffee - to me it’s like a cup of hot water - or even worse, alcohol-free beer (which I also don’t understand).

I do tend to be looking for some bitterness in my coffee (albeit that I drink it white with sugar). I’m someone who’s actually put off if coffee is described as “mellow”. I look for descriptions like: “full bodied”, “robust”, and “dark roast”. Haha - I’m fancying a cup now! Not midday yet, so it shouldn’t have me up in the night. :wink:

Good luck if you decide to get a glass teapot - or ask Santa nicely for one. It is pretty. I think it would be attractive even if you didn’t get the flowering teas, although teabags floating in it would probably not be a great look. Nice to be able to see the colour of your tea, though - helps to tell when it’s ready.



I have one called Dragon Pearls and it is a few Jasmine petals wrapped up in green tea leaves - they look like little green pellets but the smell of the jamine is divine and the tea lovely.

Twinnings do a range of green tea with different flavourings - apple and pear, grafefruit and pineapple so you probably wouldn’t need sweetner in them. Use water off the boil - and don’t steep it for too long initially til you find a taste level you are happy with. There are some websites giving directions on temperature and steeping time for different types of tea.

I do prefer tea these days - I have so many differing flavours - Hibiscus, citrus, spiced (orange, cinnamon, clove - like mulled wine but in tea), spearmint (more refreshing but more subtle than peppermint). But I stay away from fruit teas - they smell gorgeous but taste horrible to me.

There is something about having a proper loose leaf tea, brewed in a pot and with a nice china cup that is a little bit decadent. Especially with a naughty chocolate biscuit on the side.

Enjoy Tina


hi tina

i was just going to ask if you’d used your tea pot yet.

well done there, it sounds beautiful but, like you, i prefer the sound of your cafetiere.

now i need a cuppa myself. i’m going to have a coffee and my bladder can just p*ss off!

carole x

I get green tea with mint tea bags from Sainsburys. A bit more palatable I find.