Do others find coffee to be a diuretic

I normally drink plenty of water and Rooibos tea, (a tea from South Africa) that my daughter’s friend introduced me to. It’s caffeine free and seems to act as an anti-diuretic.

Yesterday we visited my cousin for lunch, we had a lovely catch up and I really enjoyed myself. I wanted to do normal things and so rather stupidly drank 2 cups of coffee over several hours. I did ask for caffeine free but they obviously weren’t as I my mind buzzed like I was on speed for many hours before I could sleep.

My bladder let me down badly; just as we got to my front door, to cut a long story short lots of washing and a ruined pair of suede sandals (well I suppose lots of nice smelling disinfectant might help.

Anyway I wasn’t prepared for this to happen with coffee, with water yes and I sit near the loo. it happened again when I got home. I wondered if anyone else found this at all?

I’ll definitely stay away from coffee in the future (well if I remember).

yep coffee does, though i love it so

Oh dear - yes it is the caffeine - in tea/coffee/chocolate/cocoa/pepsi - all the good tasting things - that irritates the bladder - l love my Roobos - Redbush tea- and it is so good for you. Carry some redbush t-bags around with you - be prepared.

One of the first things that was suggested to me upon diagnosis, was to avoid caffeine - particularly because of its diuretic properties.

Having enjoyed fully caffeinated coffee for over 25 years by then, switching to decaf coffee & tea was weird to start with, but I’m completely ‘at home’ with the idea now. (Coffee is OK but I find the tea totally lacking compared to how it used to be!!)



The continence clinic told me to only drink decaffeinated tea and coffee and avoid orange juice.

I’ve ignored the advice about orange juice.

However, even decaffeinated coffee irritates my bladder. I love coffee but now only drink it (i.e. decaffeinated) when I know access to a toilet won’t be an issue for the rest of the day.


Hi Corkie, yes unfortunately the caffeine in tea/coffee caused this to me. It was also giving me horrendous headaches, doc suggested it was reacting with my medication, particularly Lamotrigine, haven’t touched it in 4 months, have to say symptoms are much improved, especially headaches, although like you Anne, no way am I giving up orange juice !!! Tracey x

You are sooo right Spacejacket, I do sometimes have Rooibos in my bag but from now on it’s a must.

Wendy x

Quite agree with you Dom, about decaffeinated tea I mean. I was trying to fit in with my brother and sister in law as they don’t ‘get’ ms symptoms and fads with food and drink! except they can see I don’t walk well so to them that’s all that ms is. I wish I did not go around trying to please other people. It doesn’t happen with my friends in the ms branch as they are used to my little ways.

Wendy x

Oh thanks for that Anne, I’ll treat it like water then.

Wendy x

l now only drink Redbush T - at first l did not like it - tried it again and now l am loving it. lt is quite strong - so l do only dip the t-bag in a cup for a few seconds - then add a dash of milk. lt is so refreshing -bright and clear. But now l cannot stand the other teas. l find them musty/dusty tasting.

Thanks Tracey, I haven’t drunk tea or coffee for a while now, I love my Rooibos tea but have to remember to drink plenty of water too. I just wanted to fit in with the family, big mistake

Wendy x

I started off not liking it spacejacket but now I have to limit myself as I was drinking so much of the stuff, and I don’t take milk with it.

Wendy x

Coffee is well-known as a diuretic; however, I’m not ready or willing to give it up just yet. I might have to reconsider if I was actually having accidents, rather than just increased frequency.

As anticipated, my MS nurse immediately suggested switching to decaf; however, unfortunately, I can’t stand the muck. It makes as much sense to me as alcohol-free beer - which is vile too (though I don’t much like the alcoholic variety either).

I like the bitterness of coffee, which is largely imparted by the caffeine. Without it, it tastes like a cup of hot water to me. I’m not looking for a mellow taste. I also can’t deny that I like the caffeine hit - the more so, since my health declined, as I need a little bit of extra oomph from somewhere. Although caffeine’s not a recognized painkiller, I also feel (though it may be placebo effect) that a shot of strong coffee boosts my pain tolerance. None of this with decaf - a pointless drink.



Haha - quick Google suggests I’m NOT imagining it - research shows caffeine does increase pain thresholds! I knew it!


Well I didn’t know that Tina, I thought it increased pain. You live and learn.

Wendy x

Caffeine; I’ve found that since giving up all caffeine (coffee and tea) my bladder frequency issues are down massively, although the urgency is still a bit, erm, urgent. But it’s down to a few times a day and once during the night, now, rather than every five minutes. Can’t remember what drinking caffeine was like now. The ‘Unleaded’ stuff is fine, I think I’ve just got used to it and can’t recall what the buzz was like!

Thanks Fracastorius, I don’t normally use the stuff and will be taking my own t bags with me from now on.

Wendy x

I gave up caffeinated tea and coffee for several years. I managed to fool myself that it didn’t taste much different to the caffeine varieties. (I think a lot of my friends were kindly humouring me!) About 2 years ago I had some caffeinated coffee and discovered how wrong I had been. I switched back to caffeine and rediscovered my love of coffee. I bought a new pod type coffee machine and love the strongest coffee again. There’s been no difference to the way my bladder behaves (ie I use catheters as I can’t either start or empty it). I find that losing complete control of my bladder only ever happens when I’ve got a UTI. It’s a signal to me to test my wee. Occasionally it’s just a sign that there’s some inflammation (leucocytes up) but no infection, so I drink a few litres of water and retest, generally that does the job.

Good idea. I have taken to carrying a stash of de-caf teabags in my handbag; some people have de-caf coffee in stock, but not de-caf tea… some didn’t realise there was such a thing. You can tell close friends, because they have one of my bags of ‘Pretendy Tea’ in their cupboard. (Was going to put a smiley on the end of that, but I gather they cause problems on the site - just take it as read!)

Thanks for that, I am drinking lots of water just in case it’s a UTI - you never know!!