Caffeine and fatigue

Would I be correct or incorrect in saying that caffeine could contribute to me feel g fatigued?

Please let me know your thoughts.

thank you

I think you are the best judge. Never noticed it myself. Quite the contrary. I can’t get started at all without my coffee. It gives me a quick perk-up at any time of day (no pun intended re perc), and I also find it to be a mild pain reliever. I don’t know if it actually lessens the pain, or just makes me not mind as much, but either way, I don’t care - the net result is the same - feeling better.



I think it can contribute to fatigue. It’s look sugar - it may give an initial high, but then you can have a crash afterwards. And the problem with being a regular drinker, you become an addict and need it to get going. On Trust Me I’m a Doctor on BBC2 earlier this yea, they did an experiment on different types of pick-me-ups like caffeine or sweets. One of the things they found was that, for regular caffeine drinkers, it would only get people back to ‘normal’ (i.e. what’s normal for non caffeine drinkers-.

if you’ve got the self discipline, something you could try is giving up sugar. I’ve not done it myself but I have cut back a lot. But everybody I know or have read about who have done it have all said the same thing - after the initial withdrawal symptoms, they have loads more energy now, with no highs & lows, and would never go back to eating sugar.


coffee is an essential part of my life!

my bladder nurse insists that i should switch to decaff and i try but there always comes a point when i say “stuff this, i need a caffeine fix”.

saying that, i’ve yet to have my first coffee today…

…watch this space!

carole x

I drank decaf for years, I was thinking that the caffeine in my coffee was adversely affecting my bladder. Then I went to France on holiday a few years ago, forgot to take any decaf coffee and started drinking lovely filter coffee instead. It made absolutely no difference to my bladder and was just so damn nice. And it made absolutely no difference to fatigue. Some days I’m just about OK, other days I just can’t stay awake and feel utterly dead to the world.

I came home, bought a dolce gusto machine and am now totally addicted to the lovely little pods. I don’t drink tons of the stuff, but a grand intense starts the day very well, perhaps another through the morning, maybe a lungo intense (slightly smaller) at lunchtime. A caramel espresso mid afternoon. And a decaf after dinner. (Because I want to sleep!) While I was taking steroids recently, I couldn’t cope with black coffee, so I drank mocha or cafe au lait or chocolate.

I love it. And I have a wall of boxes of pods, so when people come round I can offer cappuccino, latte, chococino (perhaps with caramel), cafe au lait, mocha, etc etc. I sit and look at my wall of pod boxes and it makes me feel very happy!!



Nothing like it for keeping fatigue at bay. Thank goodness for proper coffee!



I can’t function without coffee. Also, my social life revolves around coffee lol xxx

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I used to love coffee but after a bad dose of flu about 10 years ago I haven’t been able to drink it since. I love tea though. Switched to decaf without much bother saw no difference in fatigue but I swear it helps with the bladder.

Mags xx

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Decaf is DISGUSTING lol, seriously. I always have one Nescafe as soon as i wake up, the kettle and makings are by my bed. Then i have Nescafe capochino at 11am, and thats it then, the rest is boring water lol… but decaf coffee is like eating a sweet with the paper on, yuck lol.

I love my coffee (and my tea!) but I am a bit of a fuss-pot when it comes to what coffee I want. Won’t have instant in the house apart for a jar that gets used in cooking occasionally and, although I like having coffee in coffee shops I am equally fussy about where I will go. There are a couple of fantastic places I go to in Cardiff which are reqal artisan coffee heaven and I always treat myself when I go shopping in the city.

Starbucks is absolute rubbish. Weak dishwater with no taste even with an extra shot - real “love in a cannoo” coffee to quote the late lamented Terry Pratchett. (Won’t explain further - it’s a bit rude blush)

Costa is just about OK in a push (lots on the motorway if we are travelling anywhere)

The best national chain is Nero but there is a very good chain in South Wales and the West called Coffee#1 which is brilliant and my favourite chain.

My addiction costs me a fortune so I have just treated myself to a Christmas present to myself - a DeLonghi Bean-to-Cup machine so I can do proper espresso and lattes etc at home. (I have a Tassimo pod machine at the moment that is OK-ish but the pods are very expensive).

It arrives today!!! I am really excited!!! Can you guess? laugh(I don’t drink these days, which is my excuse)

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And just to say. Decaff is NOT coffee, it is just a cup of “hot brown” and should be obliterated from the planet - ditto decaff tea. If I want a hot drink that is naturally without caffeine I drink Redbush “tea” (Rooibush) - lovely.

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wow people, I say WOW!!

what I have picked up from my question is a few things;

  1. Caffeine isn’t good should I ever experience issues with my bladder, which I’m glad to say I do not, yet… also hope I will not either.

I was diagnosed with “An Aggressive” form of RR MS. A Aggressive form of ?? i hear some of you may be wondering.

I was “Labelled” with this title so as to ensure I was put on to Tysabri (January 2011), started on a 4 weekly infusion of the stuff, now I’m on it 6 weekly.

Clearly it appears to do me wonders.

  1. I’ve some fellow decaff dislikers out there.

Quick funny story, true;

I was at my mothers once with bith my brothers also being there. Both my brother and I were half way through and obliviously “Enjoying” our cups of “Coffee” UNTIL we were asked if we were enjoying out cups of decaff AAARRRRGGGGHHH, panic, instant dislike and and dislike of this cup of “THING” we were drinking.

It was disgusting and we were both disgusted at being cheated and deceived.

no, No, NO we did not drink anymore.

  1. I do not get alerted when my thread is responded/commented to???

  2. WHY WHY WHY do i have to have such an awful short term memory (No.4 was supposed to be another “Thing”)

Can anyone assist mne on point number 3 please??

Thank you

Coffee is obviously a subject very close to our hearts. When you have to give up so many things in life due to this wretched disease, we cling to a few things that make us feel better.

I think there used to be an option where you could get notified when someone replied to your post, but maybe it’s vanished. Haven’t noticed it lately.

And as for the damn brain fog that makes you (or me) forget point 4, let’s not get started on that one …

It’s now about time for a caramel espresso!!


Thanks Sue.

all the best. Keep positive, if you’re able.


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Caffeine is an essential part of my day too. No instant is allowed in our house only good quality coffee for filtering. Scrummy especially with a drop of Amoretto.

After my fix I go on to Redbush tea and anything in the Pukka range.

Caffeine does help to reduce pain in conjunction with analgesics for me.


Bon appetit. We love ours: it is the probably the most used appliance in the kitchen.


Sorry dvtrv for going off topic.

Alun my notification option is ticked but I haven’t had any for months. Oh I’m fibbing twice, I’ve had a them but when I’ve clicked on them they haven’t worked.

Jan x

My favourite Xmas present was a lovely set of espresso cups, exactly the right size. Why are some espresso cups just a tiny bit too small, and some a tiny bit too big. I feel a bit like Alice.