Reducing caffeine

Morning all I know quite a few of you have either cut out or have reduced caffeine and you all know that I’ve really struggled to find anything, other than water, that I like. I must have spent a fortune on herbal teas over the last year…used one tea bag and binned the rest. Anyway, a lovely, herbal tea expert friend of mine, recommended that I look at a site called teapigs, it’s fab and I found two I like. And they sell the most gorgeous little teapigs teapot. So cute. My current drink of choice is creme caramel rooibos and chocolate flake. Delicious !! Catherine Xx

Seriously you can get creme caramel tea? Why did I not know about this A xx

And it is lovely…but the chocolate flake tea is my absolute favourite !!

thank you for that Catherine. I absolutely love my cups of tea and I admit I can down at least ten cups a day but I need to look at reducing caffeine so I’ll have a look at the site. Many years ago I had a craze for Rosehip and hibiscus tea which was really friuty and refreshing. I think the worst tea I have ever come across is peppermint tea…urghhhhh.

Thanks for the tip. I am a fellow tea-holic. I have a cupboard full of different flavours but none really do the job. The latest disappointment is licorice egyptian spice. Trouble is the best is still black tea from a teapot. In fact I am just about to brew up!. Peter

Oh forgot to say…you can buy samples from teapigs too, so you can try before committing to a full box !!

My daughter is ‘into’ teapigs. l drink rooibus or redbush tea. lt is naturally caffeine free and from Africa. Tetley’s is good - l love the fresh flavour and colour of the tea - l do put a splash of milk into it but you could drink it without - or even iced with mint and lemon. Rooibus tea is full of anti-oxydents. lt is quite strong - so l only leave the t bag in for about 1 minute at the most.

But first thing in the morning l have to have my caffeine fix - of proper coffee - never drink instant. Lidl do a lovely ltalian espresso 100%Arabica - Bellarom. Sets me up for the day.

Off to try some samples. I avoid caffeine as I get migraines so cutting out caffeine was the first thing I was told to do but I love tea A xx

I’ve just ordered popcorn, silver tips white tea and superfruit cranberry and blueberry samples. Xx

Hi, eee, we english and our love of tea, eh? Dont mean to leave the rest of the uk out with that comment.

I stopped drinking tea (I always had it black and weak) in favour of blackcurrent fruit tea, due to all the utis I was having. Bladders dont like caffeine anyway!

It`s interesting to read about all the different types of drinks available.

Chocolate flake and cream caramel? Are they calorie free? Sound gorgeous.


Hi Poll 1 calorie per cup of chocolate flake and 2 calories per cup of creme caramel. Catherine Xx

Am I the only one who drinks coffee more often than tea?


Im a coffee addict. I gave up smoking and drinking but i could never give up my coffee!


I love coffee… specially lavazza…but my bladder really, really doesn’t so I’m making the sacrifice. It’s been about 4 weeks now and the one thing I am really noticing is the effect on my sleep…deeper and easier to drop off…but equally that could be the bladder issue not disturbing me. Xx

Not at all, I live on the stuff. I’m sure it’s no good for me, but couldn’t get through the day without it!

Whatever the reason is, Mrs H, you are benefitting, so that`s gotta be good!


Occasionally I drink the odd cup of coffee, well capuccino really, hubby absolutely loves coffee and has about 8 a day which I think is way too much caffeine. I enjoy the odd cup but for some reason I find that it makes me nauseous about 20 mins afterwards so I do tend to stick to tea…oh and I have a cup of hot choc before bedtime about twice a week. I’ve had a look at the teapig site and I really like the sound of the ginger & lemon and the super fruity one so I’m going to order some samples.

I’m going to have a look at this site and see what they are like when they go cool. I really hate hot drinks only really like coke but have cut these down. Am drinking lemon barley water on recommendation from bladder clinic. Let’s see what happens

If it wasn’t for regular cups of espresso I would be dead on my feet.

The other thing to think about is decaf tea…very few people realise you can get it as it’s usually on a different shelf in the supermarket (ours is with the ‘speciality’ teas). I switched to decaf (same brand as normal) when I was pregnant and have never gone back. We serve it up to visitors and they can’t tell the difference! I also switched to caffeine free coke, although that does taste a bit different. X