Dark Chocolate (again)

There was a story in the paper today that another study had been done on high flavonoid cocoa and its effects on fatigue levels. Clearly quite a subjective study as fatigue can’t exactly be measured. But they also tested a 6 minute walk and the trial participants on the high flavonoid chocolate were able to walk further in that 6 minutes than those on low flavonoid cocoa.

So good news. Stock up on high cocoa containing chocolate.

Apparently dark coloured berries and a bunch of other foods have flavonoids too. Including red wine! (And red or purple grape juice for non drinkers.)

So good news.

I wonder if I can persuade my body that a dark chocolate Bounty includes flavonoids!! And guess who’ll be drinking red wine tonight?


Great… thanks for the top tip.

Yep, it was on the radio this morning, something to do with high amounts of Flavonoids (think thats right ?) in dark chocolate.

Apparently hot chocolate drink with at least 70% Cocoa Beans is best but a bar of dark chocolate is good too as long as the % of Cocoa Beans is high, the higher the % the darker the chocolate will be and will hold onto the Flavonoids more but might taste more bitter.

Lighter chocolate (ie milk chocolate) has a process called Dutch carried out witch removes a lot of the Cocoa, hence reducing the Flavonoids.

The researcher on the radio said a bar a day or hot drink gave very positive results to people suffering from MS fatigue.

Mmm, little disappointed with this one.

I just Googled “what foods are high in Flavonoids” and everything suggested I already eat by the bucket loads, so it’s back to the drawing board

The media seem to release this story about once a year, it certainly isn’t new, but bring it on.

I’m wondering if we should stock up with Belgian and Swiss chocolate?

Is there going to be a shortage?

Could we get it on prescription?

So many questions…


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Here’s a diet I will stick to! . One small substitution as I can’t bear red wine … I’ll have cherry liqueur wirh my choccy. Gin chin Sue xx

Anyone know which hot chocolate has highest flavonoids count? And where to buy it? Is, like, the Cadburys hot chocolate that you can buy in Tesco good? I will defo be stocking up on the Dark Chocolate though!

No idea about flavonoids, but Green and Black’s organic hot chocolate is the best! Mmm

Forget a brand name such as Tesco or Asda it will be highly processed which reduces the Flavonoids.

As Poppy suggested, Green & Blacks has a high Cocoa % but not sure if they do a drinking chocolate ?

Apparently you should be looking for a Cocoa content of 70% and above, whether that be as a bar of chocolate or a drinking chocolate.

The higher the Cocoa % the darker the chocolate will be, and then this will retain more Flavonoids, at least that’s how I’ve read into it.

“Dutch” processing reduces the % of Cocoa, which is how dark chocolate ultimately turns into so called “milk” chocolate. Basically the “Dutch” process just thins out the Cocoa bean % until it is lighter, hence far less Flavonoids.

It’s how all “milk/dairy” chocolate is made, pure dark chocolate is quite bitter to the taste due to the high content of Flavonoids, but is far better for you.

Got it years ago in Julian Graves shops. Maybe Holland and Barrett now?

Not in vain I love to eat dark chocolate, and I do not give it up. This is the only dessert I can eat and not be afraid of gaining weight. Because I’m losing weight, I have to reduce sugar consumption to a minimum.