Chocolate is good for you!

Yes, I thought that might grab some attention. Apparently, the sainted Professor Giovannoni has said extremely dark chocolate is good for fatigue. Ha. See^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet


I’m an idiot Sue, I didn’t think to mention this!!! It also helps diabetes, apparently, as long as its taken in a couple of squares a day. They were studying it a few years ago but at the time they were inconclusive. Even dieters are allowed this. Green & Blacks & Aldi’s are good. Anything above 80% xx

You mean you knew!!!???

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Sorry I’ve poured you a Gin…xx

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I should think so too. As you’re repentant, you can drink it for me. I appreciate the thought.

But next time, when you hear that chocolate = medicine, TELL US.

§ x

I will I have tested the theory though, albeit with marzipan & I’m sorry, but Gin is definitely the way forward, Gin is conclusive, chocolate & Gin probably. In conclusion, carry on with what we are doingxx

Ok. So chocolate + gin = healthy. Anything else?

i’ve been on dark chocolate and gin for years now! i love the dark chocolate with sea salt. best thing about it is that other half won’t touch it because “it’s just wrong”! like peter kay with garlic bread! so sue look for dark chocolate with sea salt. it goes very well with applewood smoked cheese too. let’s see what mick says about this. also lindt excellence do a dark chocolate with coconut which is completely lush. have fun with these.

Lemons, lime & raspberries to go in the Gin, we don’t want scurvy & it’s 4 of the 5 a day xx

Both Aldi and Lidl do some really really quality choc…the dark stuff. I ration myself to make it last.

I love the Lindt chocolate with sea salt and the one with salted caramel. In fact pretty much all the Lindt varieties of dark chocolate. But I somehow don’t think they’re really dark enough to count. Prof G is suggesting the super dark, 90% stuff. Which might be a bit less like eating lovely chocolate and more of a ‘well it’s still chocolate, I suppose it will do!’ thing.

Generally I don’t eat chocolate anymore. Unless you count the gorgeous ginger biscuits with chocolate, which it’s been too hot to eat, or the chocolate on a Magnum ice cream (the Classic only of course!)


someone forgot the health benefits of CHEESE

Just sayin’


This might be “Trumpian” fake internet BS but who cares

#9 and #11 is all the justification I need

I’m not quite sure how you make 3 types of fruit plus gin equal 4 of your 5 a day. Are you counting juniper?

Tonight I have made a rather crap mojito. Because we made koftas yesterday so had mint to use up. So I’ve only had 2 of my 5 a day. Mint and lime. I don’t think I can count white rum as a vegetable.

I think tomorrow I’ll be drinking gin. Much healthier. And nicer. I don’t think I put sufficient rum in the mojito.

Oh well, cheese in tonight’s dinner, St Agur makes a brilliant sauce when mixed with creme fraiche. And it goes with nearly everything. Tonight chicken because Waitrose didn’t have any veal.


Not fake news. It’s true. Cheese is good for you. And it has magical properties that make you feel happier.

A bit like the way tequila makes you feel brilliant. But without making you drunk and fall over.


I have some Green & Black’s Velvet Experience dark chocolate that I bought just after Christmas. I’ve been keeping it in the fridge, seeing how long my willpower holds out. The best before date is October 2018. Maybe I should allow myself a piece per day, just for health reasons.

I am Juniper berries. Most important. you know me so well xx

B12, without taking supplements

Go for it CD!!! xx

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& Chocolate?!!!