Read the Daily Express, you’ll love it…


Guess a lot of us will be signing up for the trials!

I aint got MS…BUT I love chocolate!!


Ben, keep an eye out for Haribo trials !!!

hmmm… can’t chat i need to get some chocolate!

Does Quality Street count? Please say it does!! Please?

Hmmm. Disappointed it’s only dark chocolate (not so keen), or that it’s administered as a hot chocolate drink.

There was me thinking it might be a Mars bar.

Mind you, I wonder how long before the lure of chocolate would wear off, if you were told you mustn’t skip a day, because it’s important medicine?

I can imagine the bizarre scenario of: “Tina, have you taken your chocolate yet today?”

“Gaaagh, no more - I just don’t want it!”



Might have to start my own clinical trial

Pity it wasn’t alcohol, I’d rather have a glass of wine!

Doesn’t red wine have flavonoids in? Or am I just believing what I’d like to be true?


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Why thank you Ben. I do try, then I fall from orbit. Today, I’m quite happy floating. Haribo sweets dude. Kids and grown ups love them so, the happy world of Haribo… come on come on. Fried egg anyone ? Who would Scooby doo ?

Well, I’ve made a start and have just enjoyed a whole bar of Lindt. Dark and tasty… perfect!

Tina, I think you’re right about red wine and flavinoids, but do take care with the dosage, we wouldn’t want you over-medicating.

And Andy, I don’t know what Haribos are, but might you be already on them? You do sometimes appear do be on something!

Happy guilt free munching and slurping to you all.

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I rest my case!

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Pure sugar. I think that’s why he’s such a looney tunes (most of the time).

But then I love Haribo too. Periodically I weaken and buy a bag, demolish them, then crave more. It’s like they’re a narcotic. I relapse into addiction every so often. At the moment I’m on the wagon. The trouble is I cured my last fall into the pit of doom that is Haribo by eating fruit pastilles. Now if only I can break the fruit pastilles habit…

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Have you tried Haribo fangtastics? Very fizzy and difficult to eat without screwing your face up!

I can see I’m going to have to live dangerously and give these Haribos a try.

Do I score them from a dealer or a sweet shop?


Betcha gotta chew…

Beware of imitations… but don’t get the ones with mixed flavours. They’re just wrong !! A cola bottle should be brown and Cola, not red and grapefruit. Yuk !!!

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Well I go to watch my local rugby team regularly and we always smuggle sweets and drinks in because they are so expensive in the stadium! One of my children has a coat with pockets on the inside so are perfect for hiding contraband goods and she has joked that she could be taken for a drug smuggler! Hope it’s not the career path she wants to follow!!

Can’t help it, no matter how I try.

At last I am on the right track for something! Sadly, my preferred chocolate is milk though preferably with fruit & nut. I drink hot chocolate too, have even had one this morning. If I have been baking and there is left over dark chocolate, I will happily munch that too. It doesn’t seem to help my energy levels though and certainly doesn’t help my waistline …

Tina - I can’t imagine ever having a problem with someone saying ‘Tracey, have you had your chocolate today?’ since the only time I can’t face chocolate is when I have a migraine.

I would have no problem with a healthy diet if someone invented a lettuce that tasted of chocolate …

Tracey x