How about sprouts that were chocolate flavour?

There are chocolate sprouts out there! I was looking for an unusual gift for a friend and they kept popping up as a suggestion!

Ewwwww nasty!

Surely that must count as one of your five a day! If you are like me, you must have one of the healthiest diets known to mankind! wink

I love Haribo - not the soft squidgy ones but I love, love LURVE the Tangfastics. My special favourites are the sour cherries which I could just eat and eat in fact, they were the only thing that used to keep me going through horrible night shifts all alone in my office at home.

I knew that I was on the slippery slope when I discovered that Primark - of all places - sold bags just of sour cherries. Do you know how easy it is to make excuses to go to Primark just so I could buy some? blush

I have been very good over the last few months and have cut down my consumption to almost nil but there is now another problem. Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pigs!!! My husband is a vegetarian so my Haribo are safe from him but now we have discovered Veggie Percy (with the green ear - sounds rude) the slippery slope has been re-greased for both of us!

I am actually one of those strange genetic mutants that love sprouts! There is apparently a distinct difference between the taste receptors of different people - some people love the strong taste of brassicas whereas others are completely repulsed by them.

Such looney tunes but who has a frown? Fried eggs are the best. Sprouts are evil. Every year mum puts a sprout on my Christmas dinner. How I chuckle…after 40 years…

Do they still make you trump ???

I was only ever really interested in milk choc; or better yet, milky bar white; dark was just too bitter.

but then i started to take my dietary cues from the Book of Swank and found that these were the choccie products with the most saturated fats within them and thus, were essentially verbotten!

but life without choc is hardly a life worth living and so i permit myself two squares of 70% dark daily. anything darker and the sat. fat percentage starts to increase again.

nice to hear that it might have benefits specifically for MS’ers. I recall hearing long ago that dark choc had healthy qualities to it.

tip top!

Fried eggs rule.

Sprouts are of course the fruits of Satan. Actually tho my OH came home from Sainsburys yesterday with some ‘flowers of sprouts’. Bless him, he never puts his glasses on and thought it was purple sprouting brocolli. I tried one (my Mum went to the same school of parenting as yours Carraboy!) and though still sprouty (bleugh) not quite as horrible as the real ones.

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So the milky bars aren’t on you then Paolo…??? :frowning:

I must be the spawn of Satan I love sprouts! It’s great when we out for a meal when the veg come in dishes for us to share, as I’m the only one that likes sprouts!

well I wouldn’t say they make me trump but I do sometimes have to have the car window open even when it’s raining or cold! cheeky

Nope. Just wrong !!!

Sprouts were invented to fill stomachs of those brave enuff and leave the new potatoes for me…

apparently, sprouts are best served fried…

sadly i was brought up whereby they were boiled to mush.

No. Sprouts are best to be left unharvested !!! :smiley:

Most people were brought up on sprouts that were put to boil on Xmas Eve for Xmas dinner the next day. Thus mush. (Surely the most unpleasant part of an otherwise fairly reasonable roast dinner!)