Strong tea

Why is my tea always strong?

I’m not complaining, I like it the colour of the Mersey.

Because after placing the bag in the cup and pouring in the water, it takes me several minutes of blankness before realising that I need to fetch a spoon from the drawer, turn to the fridge and seek milk. Of course there is a good chance I will roll gaily past the fridge and sit down without said item of refreshment.

The sun is now trying to come out. (An extended blog based on tea may well appear soon.)

Best wishes.

It’s tough to beat a well stewed brew. Like scouse. The longer it’s left, the better. A mug of hot water isn’t good.

The milk needs a good sniff test too. It’s like cottage cheese sometimes.

Washing dishes. ​ ( the devil is in the detail )

Hi Steve

Oh I am with you, I can’t drink weak tea, the amount of milk I have is not really worth going to the fridge!

My daughter makes tea that I lovingly tell her is like cat’s p…e so I always have coffee at her house!

Pam x

A lovely strong cuppa and only £1.50 a pack.

Sainsburys Extra Strong Red Label 80 Teabags

I don’t really like tea, Heather is always slipping a cup into my daily coffee intake, she says it’s not good to only drink coffee. This is based on her personal preference for tea. I can’t make hot drinks safely anymore so am banned from trying

I am now laying in bed waiting for Heather to wake up and make the first cuppa which is always tea.


Ironically when I was able bodied I always made her tea in bed, how the tables have turned.

I’m with you all. I tell my carers to brew the tea bags for at least 3 minutes. A good cup of strong black tea is one of my little pleasures in life :). The Sainsbury’s tea looks good!

Steve, I do the same thing as you…I forget and make what Lee calls “inky tea” it’s strong but tastes awful. Don you enjoy Heather making you tea in bed you deserve it after all those years of looking after her. You sound like the perfect couple it’s lovely that you get on so well. Michelle and Frazer xx

Try it. I promise you will like it.