who remembers........not ms

The old fashioned school record player? yes the big wooden cased one, no idea what made me think about this, apart from that iphone advert,the chicken fat one,had tgo find out what that was all about! and it was used for JFK’s public school (opposite to what that is here) physical education programme, so they may have fond (or not so) memories of it, I remember Spanish flea for music and movement and The Liberty bell march in typing (Monty Python theme)…ever likely we couldn’t keep up for laughing,as it got faster and faster (per WPM)…what do you remember?

I can remember my first boyfriend…who worshipped the ground I walked on buying me an hairdryer in a case with all the extras. It even had the hood for when you put your rollers in…happy days in the 70s

He even had his own car, very posh

Wham! Hairstyles, movies and music of the late 70’s and early 80’s what fun just wish I could be transported back great times

I remember the huge, square TV in a very tall cabinet … with doors! And having to look up at it to watch, sat crossed legged on the cold parquet floor at primary school. And I remember wearing big navy knickers for PE - that wouldn’t be allowed these days!

And I remember bubble gum custard or rice pudding with masses of chocolate for lunch (what was that?) all served up by dinner ladies.

Ahhh, Happy times!

Emma x

Oh, and learning to type on a manual typewriter … with a carriage return bar!

Yes Emma and typing to the Monty Python theme,with a metronome,and the carrisge return, when I went to college we had a shiny new golfball typewriter,not for long though,the very expensive golfball flew off mine and got very badly damaged…whoops!

Blossom,my sis had one of those,when the hood ‘inflated’ you looked like an

Hi Maude

I thought I’d fallen on my feet when my first job had an actual golfball typewriter! And we had a new computer that used 8 1/2 inch disks! And then in my next job we had a new thing called a ‘fax’ machine (that was bigger than a fridge)!

Remember carbon paper?

Ohhh, how times have changed!

Emma x

Let’s go back a bit further …

I can remember the Battle of Britain.


Were you gurgling in your pram Geoff

Funnily enough just bought a record player yesterday and dug out all my old LP’s that had been stored away for years. Spent a happy afternoon listening to crackly records including T Rex’s The Slider LP which I bought over 40 years ago. Great 70’s memories all afternoon. I now have a living room of two halves. At one end I have my sonos system which streams music directly from my iPad and at the other I have my record player. It means I have to change into flares and platform soled shoes on the way across the room but it’s a small price to pay for the memories. Now if only I could locate my stylophone… Gary

Oooh Emma, I had a telex machine and a Gestetner copier with the wax origianal that you typed onto,then the ink was squeezed through the indentations and copied - had to wear overall for that,the ink got everywhere!

Hi Gary, I’m without a record player at the moment, still have most of my albums and all of my dads,including Herp Albert of Spanish Flea fame and Calypso cocktail,including the zombie jamboree…surprised given the current popularity of zombie themes that it doesn’t get played more often!

I put all my old records on to disc - bought special contraption to do this, process involves ‘burning’ something on to the hard drive. (er you’ll gather I’m no computer expert!)

Twin tub washing machines, how time consuming they were :frowning: I can remember my mum having a washing machine that had the rollers to squeeze the water out :slight_smile: X

Oh Maude.

I remember the tin bath that we used to put in front of the coal fire on a Sunday evening and I used the bath first and then my younger sister in the 1960s. Ahhh.

And the tape recorders that you had to press play and record to record the top 20 in the 70s.

Oh the memories.

Shazzie xx

Aye, the tin bath. I can remember my dad coming back from the pit. Having a wash in the tin bath in front of fire. We did have a proper bath, maybe it was just to keep it clean…happy memories :slight_smile:

Who can forget cine film and trying to avoid slide shows (neighbours usually)

I used to bagsy the custard skin…did you?


l can remember the little milk bottles 1/3 pint. ln winter they would freeze in the crate. Then the silver tops would be pushed up by the layer of cream. We had a large coke boiler in each classroom - but still we froze. We had to share a coat peg between 3 of us. So our coats/macs on a wet day never dried - the unlucky ones ended up with their coat wet inside and out.

Do remember going to the ‘Odeon’ with the school - to see Dicken’s Great Expectations - and David Copperfield. We had to walk in a ‘crocodile’ line for about 3miles.

Do remember the coronation - and having red/white/blue ribbons in my hair and union jack buttons on my cardi. We each had a comemorative mug.

I learnt to type on a manual typewriter too and when your speed improved all the keys got stuck together! When I went to college we had shiny, new electronic typewriters so I was disappointed that I had to return to a manual at my first job. When we had a power cut I was the only person it didn’t affect because I had a notepad full of shorthand dictation as well as the usual dictaphone tapes. Check out this video on YouTube: Tracey