The First Single I Bought Was ,,,

I’ve been reminiscing a bit remembering the first single I bought in 1971 which was Crazy Horses by The Osmonds (blimey, that shows my age). Lol!!

What was the first single you bought?

I remember the little booths you could sit in and listen to the record with headphones on before you bought it (those were the days!!)

Shazzie xx

One of my first singles was David Cassidy…could it be forever in 1973/74? I was so in love with him Lol. Went to see him sing live in London. Happy days

OMG David Cassidy. I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall. Aghhhhh!!! Lovely. And David Essex!!!

I married a David too!

Shazzie xx

Me too lol…I liked David Essex but not as much

Did you watch the partridge family lol?

About the poster I mean lol not marrying a David…I married a Kevin xxx


i have seen david essesx 3 times

but first single i cant recall, maybe kajagoogoo or culture club i would guess…

ellie x

Yes Blossom the Partidge Family was good.

Hahaha. Fet what you mean now.

Ellis, I liked Culture Club too. I saw Boy George on Daybreak last week. He was looking good I thought.

Shazzie xx

Careless Whisper by George Michael lol A

Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants :slight_smile: Sam x

Yes!! Go

76 trombones by Pinky and Perky for the ‘toy’ record player and my dad purchased (for me, couldn’t reach the counter)These boots are made for walking, which was 7 or 4 and six, shillings and pence, I also had an E.P. of breaking it up by Louis Prima,yes strange taste for a 6/7 year old , got them aqll on my ipod except Pinky and Perky!

Cliff Richard - Living Doll - 1959! (Eeek, how old am I?) x

l’m going to get you on a slow boat to china - - can’t remember the artist. Possibly about 1958.

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel! I thought I was SO cool buying a single… Jane xx

lol,me too i was sooooooooooooo in love with David Cassidy,it was eiether Donny Osmond or David Cassidy !!!

oh, the memories of your first crush

J x

brilliant post!

telegram sam by t rex or without you by nillson

carole x

nillson…I could never reach the high notes of that song…I’m singing it now lol

Omg… Dean Martin… You got me crying again , and return to me. Bought them both together

Adam and the Ants - Stand and Deliver. Managed to avoid painting the white stripe on my face though, unlike some of my mates!

seasons in the sun-Terry Jacks 1974.

I bought it with my dinner money on a Monday from a record shop called ‘track and groove’ in Dorking

I had to beg bits of friends lunches for the rest of the week !