how many?

Hi all.

just wanna share with you that tomorrow will mark Mr Polly`s and my 45th wedding anniversary!

I know, long time innit?

Sapphire denotes 45 years and he wanted to buy me a sapphire necklace.

I didnt want one, but I did want a new laptop.

Got one and it has a blue cover!

Cheers all!



Wow! A massive congratulations to you both !

Glad you chose a laptop Poll because out of the two that’s the one that helps you access the forum…

It’s a very long time … what was your wedding song? x

Awe how lovely!

Congratulations to you and your man!

Big hugs xx

congratulations poll and mr poll.

blue lap top is a fab present for a sapphire wedding.

have a brilliant day tomorrow with cake and ice cream!

i know that you don’t drink so i’ll have one for you.

and i’ll have the hangover too.

carole x

I do like a glass of rose wine!

wedding song? dont think we had one, but I do remember my granddad singing Cool Water and his false teeth fell out. He caught them, put em in his pocket, said Oh bugger it!` and carried on singing!


Hahaha your grandad sounds like a legend !! What a brilliant memory thank you for sharing x

That’s just lovely Polls. The test of time and endurance of the unknown. Give Mr Polly a hug from me. :slight_smile:

And the long service award goes to … Poll and Mr Poll.

Congratulations to you both. And also on deciding to swap jewellery for a lap top. Who said romance is dead?

Have a lovely family party tomorrow. Enjoy the whole Mother’s Day / anniversary party and also celebrate the fact that those grandchildren don’t now live with the spectre of HSP. And neither do you and Mr Poll.

Love Sue xx

Oh how lovely many congratulations have a brilliant day!!! Tracey x

Congratulations! Fantastic achievement xx

Congratulations Poll.

Steve x

Congratulations Polly and Mr Polly. Have a lovely day tomorrow celebrating!


Congratulations Polls!

I didn’t know that the 45th was a Laptop Anniversary.


Congratulations Poll, hope you and the laptop have many more

Well, it`s here!

Can hardly believe it! 45 years…45 chuffin years!

From the first anniversary to our 43rd, Mr Polly has always written a beautiful poem in my card. I didnt get a poem last year and I was well miffed! Told him so an all!

But he`s made up for it this time. The poem is wonderful.

I`ll share it with you…

Sapphire is the sparkle

you`ve put into my life

that night when I met you

and later made you my wife

Two lovely babies you gave me too

But all I can give Is my undying love for you.

Oh get the kleenex out! Isnt it gorgeous!


ps cake and ice cream later…ooo cake and ice cream…

Oh Polls. Isn’t that just lovely. I’m sure you’re a wonderful couple and despite your disability issues, I imagine there are a lot of people that know you both, and wish they had what you two shared for 45 years.

Congratulations! xx

Too bloody right you deserved a poem this year, I remember how upset you were last year.

Its utterly beautiful, Mr Polly does have a sensitive side to him after all.

Congratulations to you both.

Enjoy the cake and ice cream and of course the whole shebang tomorrow.

Love Sue xx

That’s just beautiful Mr Polly … much like your wife I don’t doubt!!

Wishing you many more happy years together x

Happy Anniversary to you both,