44 years...what?

Hi guys!

Today is our 44th wedding anniversary. I know, mad innit!

The weather was just like today, sunny, bright sky and then on the Monday, it snowed like chuff!!!

Poll and Mr Pollxxx


congratulations to you both.

it’s truly mad how time flies.

i can no longer do hard sums but we got together when i was 21 and i’m now 59.

i think it’s 38 years.

anyway enjoy the day

carole xxx

Congratulation…you now qualify for parole !

Seriously all the best to you both, njoy your day and many more.



CONGRATULATIONS Poll & Mr Poll !!! I hope the sun continues to shine for you both X

Congrats to you both have a great day

It was mine last week, the 19th March. Exactly a quarter of the time Polls been married!! And we had a beautiful sunny day too.

Congrats Poll, I don’t think we’ll be making it to 44 years, I think you’ve done extraordinarily well.

S xx


25 years for us this year.



Congrats Poll and Mr Poll. That’s a long chuffin time you both. Hope you had a really lovely day.

H xx

Poll, you have my absolute admiration - I’m assuming Mr Poll is a Yorkshireman - anyone who can live with a Yorkshireman for 44 years deserves citations, medals etc!!

It probably works both ways!



Congratulations to both of you , have a great time.

Kielyn x

Congratulations to you both.Im in my 46yr with my hubby ( a yorkshire man) how good is that ! He has a lot to put up with and i wouldnt swap him for the world.We got married at 18 and everyone thought it wouldnt last but here we are going strong.Happy easter to you all.jox

I was 19, Mr Poll was 23 and our first daughter was 3 months in in my tum!


Many congratulations to both of you. I hope you had a brilliant celebration

All the best Mick

You naughty Mr & Mrs Poll. A bun in the oven!!

Oh how lovely. Congrats Poll and hubby!

So enormously nice when a couple marry young and stay happily together. Gives me warm fuzzies inside.

Fantastic news poll… hope you both had a smashing day! Me and Mrs fluffyollie are at 13 years in October so have a little way to catch you up.


Congratulations Poll.

Jan x