41 years!

Afternoon gang.

Well today is our 41st wedding anniversary.

What are we doing to celebrate?

Well hubby is digging out a path for me to go to my chiropody appointment tomorrow and I`m in bed, as district nurse has just been to administer an enema!

Yep, very romantic, innit.

luv Pollx

A very happy wedding anniversary. Hope the day gets better! Much love! Sam xxx

Happy Anniversary Poll!

I’m 41yrs old so you must have got married around 1971!

Congratulations to you both.

I’ve been married 19yrs this year - i thought we were doing well but you beat us hands down!

Romance?..remind me what that is again…LOL!!!


Happy Anniversary Poll! Teresa xx

Happy Anniversary, may you have many more together Sue x

Hi Teresa. It was 1972. The day was sunny and dry…the following Monday it snowed. So no difference to now, eh?

luv Pollx

Ta lots all.

Poll & Hubby xxx

Of course it was 1972! silly me!!

I forgot i’m 42 this year! I’m just reluctant to add on yet another year!!

Sending you…

…this is for managing 41 years!

lots of love


A very Happy anniversary to you and G. Hope you can get out of your home for your appointment.

Maybe one to remember but not for the right reasons eh.

Bottoms up luv, (sorry for the pun), have a drink tonight and celebrate



Happy Anniversary (and a good clear out too) Poll!

M xx

Happy Anniversary to you both


a very happy anniversary to you both Barbara.xx

Hi, daughter no 2, son in law, and grandkids have been to see us. lovely card, box of Thorntons chox and a rose bouquet. Had chox and vanilla yogurt for tea!

Maybe the chox will help the bowels…what a way to think of such gorgeous stuff.

luv Pollx

ta for your kind words all.

Happy Anniversary Poll and hubby! Those choccies sound lovely… Hope you get to appt tomorrow. Take care Linda x

Congratulations to both of you…it’s nice to know romance is not dead!


Poll,congratulations to both of you,that is a real achievement.Himself is an old romantic arranging the nurse for you on the day. What was the weather doing 41 years ago? I’m guessing the only icing was on the cake.

Best wishes

Wb xx


Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary. wow 41 years, absolutely fabulous. I am celebrating 6 years of the dreaded MS today. Happy me. NOT!

Hope you have managed a good clearout. I had to take a cuople of laxatives!! Slowly but surely they are working, its just the mad dash to the loo that gets me falling over my feet.

Hope your out and about today and your lovely G takes you somewhere nice!!

ttfn C x

Congratuations Poll to you and you’re hubby.

Hope you had a lovely day (minus the enema)

The avatar tale made me chuckle btw, i’ve been thinking of changing my name and have an avatar but it does seem complicated. Myhubby could do it (i’m like you, no idea what to do) so i’ll have to get him to when he’s not busy.

Lisa x

Hya Poll. I somehow missed this yesterday… so a belated Happy Anniversary from me!

Love Pat xxx

So did I. Happy belated Anniversary. Must admit only coming up to 18 years of marriage! I never forget our wedding anniversary as it is three days after my parents (theirs coming up to 48 years). I usually miss theirs, post a card on the day whilst telephoning them then blame the postbox not being emptied. I then have 72 hours to remember ours!