how about this!

Good morning my friends, on this bright Christmas Eve!

Today wouldve been my ma and pas 56th wedding anniversary. Hiow romantic, to get married on Christmas Eve. Sadlt though, my dear parents passed away in 2001…just 3 weeks apart.

Anyway, the postie`s brought me a huuuuge surprise!

You may recall that when I was in the hospice, for a respite break at the beginning of the month, the Medical Director there wrote to my neuro. As I last saw him in Feb, and had heard not a dickie bird since, she was hoping to jog him into seeing me again.

I received an appointment for next July! But today I got a new appointment for 4th January!!! Gobsmacked or wot?

Not long till then eh?

Happy Christmas to you all and I`m signing off now for a few days.

Enjoy yourselves!

much luv, Polly xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Polly Great news about your appointment. Have a great Christmas. Cheryl:)

Cheers hun.happy crimbel to you too.

luv Pollx

That’s brilliant Poll! An early Christmas present

Karen x

Good news Poll. Glad to hear that they’re getting their act in gear at last. Merry Christmas, Teresa xx

Hi Polly

That is such good news for you! I very much enjoy reading your posts, you always make me smile!!

A very Happy Christmas to you and your family.

love Linda

Thanks to all who replied.

I`ll be posting the outcome of the appointment…

Happty New Year.

luv Pollx

The neuro consultant has obviously heard all about you Polly, and he can’t wait until next July to see you - thats why he has made an earlier appointment for an ‘Audience with Poll’. Hope you are writing a list of questions to ask him. And l hope he is also preparing a list of things to ask you.

Tell him the whole of the MSS forum are waiting to hear what ‘gems’ he can come up with.

Happy 2012 to you and your family.


Hi Polly,

This is fabulous news, and about time too. Best of luck with the appointment, and wishing you a happy & healthy 2012.

Best wishes,