Hello everyone I hope you all had an enjoyable christmas day with your family & friends. Even though I am very wobbly, use a stick & a snail would win me in a race I enjoyed the day. I used to look forward to the boxing day sales but have accepted that I can no longer do these things, oh well, at least I won't be able to get myself into bebt by overdoing it on my credit card, which was a regular thing  to do for me. Still got new year to come. I hope 2012 brings good things for us all. HAPPY 2012 IN ADVANCE TO EVERYBODY & try to stay positve even though it can sometimes be hard.


SYLVIA thumbsupxx 

Thanks for your thoughts Sylvia, but are you not forgetting T'internet as a way as getting yourself into deep [naughty word] with your flexible friend ?

Merry jingle, Wb   x


ps If you find a snail can I run a book ?