still going strong.......hiccups now and then

Hi guys.

Well today is our 42nd wedding anniversary!

Wow, eh? Think it just could be a bit of a record these days, eh? But it aint been trouble free…far from it…but here we are, older, wiser (?) and craggier! You could say we are knock kneed knackered old nosebags!

luv Pollx

Wow Poll and I thought we were doing well at 31 years together. Congratulations from another pair of knock kneed knackered old nosebags. Life was different back then. We started out in a rented room, no furniture save for a couple of floor cushions, a coffee table and a bed. Whatever we needed we saved for and the joy when we had enough saved to go out and buy it was amazing. (I still have that coffee table - daft old b… I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it - happy days). Different expectations nowadays.

Congratulations! It was our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday, and my in-laws have been married for 53 years today. Heather

Hi Poll

We are a month behind you, and like you, it aint been all plain sailing, but hey we are still trying to get it right!

Congratulations to both of you, and many more to come.

Pam xx

Congratulations Poll

I can’t imagine being with someone for 10 years, yet alone 42! You and hubby have been together for most of my life, ha ha! I hope you are doing something special this week/month to celebrate.

Tracey xx

awww many congrats to you and Mr Poll,hope you are feeling a bit brighter now,and hope you get the extra help,it will be good for you to get out to the day centre too,fingers crossed !!

J x

Hi Poll,

It’s my 7th Anniversary of having MS!!!

Congratulations to you and G. It might not have been easy, but your both made of strong glue!

You both take care as it has not been playing sailing recently.

C x

Ta everyone.

We didnt do owt special.

Whe hubby put me to bed, I said Are you gonna get in with me for a cuddle? Boy was he shocked, as we havent got close like that for around 12 years!

He said, Ive written you a poem on your card, gave you a red rose AND you want THAT as wel!`

It didnt happen. i do miss that side of things, but I do know he loves me and takes good care of me, bless him…but oh I would love just a cuddle…ah well…

luv Pollx

That’s so lovely. I rarely hear of that many years now :slight_smile: A written poem is fab! Lucky lady! I would love to see my husbands face if I suggested such a thing :slight_smile: L x

Happy aniversary to you both wow 42 yrs and still going strong (with a few bumps along the way) those few bumps are what makes a marrage it woulnt be life without a few knocks.

I was married for 23yrs when ms stared to take a grip of me,he came in one day and said "i,ve changed and can,t be with you no more " packed his things and left COWARD.

Like you i miss the cuddles and contact,but such is life.

But enough about me sending you both congrats carry on for many more yrs yet.


yes, that COWARD isnt worth second thought…chuff `im!

luv Pollx

Congratulations Poll we’re well behind you on 17yrs hope you had a good day

sheep x