Dear reader, mine and my girlfriend's song is "Wonderful Life" by Hurts,If you have Google and sound on your computer give it a whirl (no  capability of adding a link as she's gan yam.). If you are alone listen to those words. If you have somebody with you, hug them.

Eventually it gefs to you,   S+S  xx

Hi S and S hello

I did listen to it-thanks.

On the radio tonight I heard-I am the one and only by Chesney Hawkes-and thought-now thats a song that sums me up! Cheesy I know!!! But still brill words!

All my best wishes-ok,some of them, for 2012!

E xxx

Thanks E , Was that a one'it wonder for Cheesey Hawks.That IS a lot of adding up,but seems about right All we need is for Hazel to use this place as a private message service next and there would be [filtered sentence] to pay.


Actually we should draw up a list of who should post next............................Is there a game in this?


Happy Christmas and a liquid Hogmanay

S+S  xx


I bet you 2 mince pies, a selection box and a bottle of whisky that next to post will be...................R***o!!! tounge

E xxx

PS yes re on'it wonder!