hi everyone

today i was remembering tunes i havent heard in ages.

i dug through albums and found a few but one in particular i no longer have so i downloaded it.

oh man, i’ve cried buckets - not because its a sad song but because i used to listen to it with my dearest friend, kath, who died 2 years ago at 50 yrs.

the song is “i need love” sung by luka bloom, although its originally by LL Cool J.

i’ve played it non stop and it no longer makes me cry.

music is so powerful isnt it?

carole x

hi jen

i love bob marley!!

glad you like luka bloom (he is christie moore’s brother)

the day after i had my crying session i got an invitation through the post to kaths newest grandchild’s christening.

monty arthur hewitt and he is gorgeous!

twilight zone or what?

i cried about kath and the day after i got that invitation, as though kath arranged it!

carole xxx

Hi carole

It’s must have been really sad to lose a close friend and only 50. I reckon getting the invitation the day after was more than a coincidence. I believe loved ones are watching over us

Your right, music is powerful. I’ve never heard of luka bloom but Christie Moore, yes I have. he is one of my husbands favourite singers and mine now. We saw him live years ago in Halifax-absolutely fantastic. Victoria theatre I think it was called.

My husband plays the guitar, although not much now due to his health but he used to sing most of Christies’ songs. I loved him to sing to me. Bright blue rose is my favourite.

I’m off down memory lane now.

Noreen x

Sorry! lovely news about the new baby