Summer time...

…and the living is easy. Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high. One of my favourite summer songs. Heard it on local radio today and it got me thinking about the “summer songs”. You know, the ones that were released and just depicted summer and all its glory. The sun, sea, flowers, carefree days of youth or special memories associated with this particular time of year? Who remembers the Coka Cola advert song from the 70s? “Birds and bees, flowers and trees”. I can still see that in my mind now. In the Summertime, Mungo Jerry? My all time favourite, Summer the First Time, Bobby Goldsborough. What are yours? :slight_smile:

bob marley, no woman no cry.

we all went to the pub after getting our o level results.

yea all well under drinking age but it was 1974 and laid back.

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Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind

can’t remember who sings this but I’ve always felt summery when I hear it

isley brothers floopy!

Oh yes guys. Great songs and great memories. Carole, I too was in the pub then! Same as,under age and things were a lot more relaxed. And safer! Woah, I’m going to Barbados! - Typically Tropical. Loved it.

‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ and ‘young hearts run free’ always played at the fair along with ‘chantilly lace’ always remind me of the waltzers and a nasty accident on the scrambler ride, obviously not the kind of memory you meant, not that you hear The Big Bopper that often now!

Loving you, Minnie Ripperton - nicer memories of that one.

Oh, Chantilly Lace! Now there’s a blast from the past. A much older man friend quite some time ago, introduced me to that and the skiffle bands. Great stuff!

Midnight at the Oasis. Can’t remember by who. Desert, hot, sultry,exotic. Great summer song.

minnie ripperton made me think of midnight at the oasis but i couldn’t remember the name.

it was by maria muldaur.

good thread this!

Used to hear that roller skating as well (not roller disco), guy must have been a fan,also played running bear, Johnny Preston, written by the big bopper…I am too young to remember them! lol

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no more working for a week or two…

Mouldy Old Dough; Lieutenant Pigeon.

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hah! mouldy old dough!

you made me laugh.

an eccentric song, suits you sir!

Theres a Penangle song Springtime Promises I always think of this time of year.

Ditto,was just thinking Minnie Ripperton ‘Loving you’ and also ‘Summer Breeze’ they both remind me of beautiful,youthful summers…

Takes me right back to my youth that song,i just have to go find it now…lol.

oh yes forgot all about that one loved it…

Three lions, never be a better football song! not sure I’ll watch every match this time.