memories (not ms)

my son watches a lot of sky movies and often leaves the channel on whilst he goes to bed!

anyway i could hear a familiar film and it is The Land Before Time.

animated film about a family of dinosaurs.

my 2 boys were well into dinosaurs so i bought them the film.

a few weeks later my lovely mum died suddenly aged 54.

it helped me to cuddle my boys and watch their films.

i wasn’t crying enough but when mummy dinosaur died i sobbed.

my 4 year old very solemnly told me that there’s no need to cry, it’s just pretend.

so i’m watching it again.

sorry if this is too random but in the moment i just wanted to share.

it is both a happy and a sad memory, most memories of loved ones who passed are.

by tomorrow i’ll be chuckling at mum’s funny moments.

i’ll play bob marley in her honour with her own take on the lyrics

“we’ll be together with a roof rack over our heads”

love you mum xxxxx


Thank god for roof racks. I’m glad you had a good cry and good memories x

That lyric now, will forever be planted firmly in my head, Thankx!! juju xx god bless,

thankyou for sharing

it`s good to have nice memories, even if they make you cry


i’m really aware that my 2 sisters and i were very lucky.

hope you are with people who support you now.

carole x

Country Roads, John Denver, my Dads song xx