Music (not MS)

I was sat in church this morning when someones mobile phone went off. It was playing classical music. The man obviously embarrased said ‘Oh Christ’ and turned it off. Whilst smiling to myself I suddenly thought what would be the most appropriate ring tone be to have go off in church. My immediate thought was Chesney Hawkes ‘I am the one and only’ or Crowded House ‘There goes God’! My OH has come up with D.I.V.O.R.C.E. for a wedding. So the challenge is what ring tones can you come up with? (without offending anyone!)

Sharon x

I was at a friends fathers funeral when I realised I still had my phone on - thankfully it didn’t go off but the ringtone was Oh Fortuna - used in the Omen films. What would not have been good.

My fathers phone did go off during a film and it was Bright Eyes from Watership down. At least it wasn’t something like Don’t Fear The Reaper.

For a wedding how about Elvis - A Little Less Conversation. Or is that too cynical of me


Well, not a ringtone but someone selecting the wrong track at a funeral and getting a burst of ‘Let me entertain you’ rather than ‘Angels’, this did happen by the way, I did ask ‘Elvis’ (renewed our vows in Vegas’ for 'Crying in the chapel’but it wasn’t an option on our ‘package’…

well, that’s two unsuitable Elvis tracks…sure there must be more

I have told the family I would like Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” at my funeral - hoping of course it will be in the distant future! I think it may raise the odd smile or two.

my sister told me about a funeral where “happy day” had been requested.

it was the “happy day” from the musical “hair” kind of gospel music

but they played the theme tune of happy days the series with the fonz


carole x

I have also heard of weddings there they have Police - Every Breath You Take.

Listen to words - its a song about a stalker


Lol JBK. Dinks I think that’s brilliant. Maude and Carole, how embarrassing to get the wrong songs!

OH did also come up ‘with stairway to heaven’ . I think ‘Hallellujah’ would be good, whether it be the classical or the pop one! Maybe that could ring at the end of a particularly dire sermon!!

Like a Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf could raise a smile at a funeral. Or a wedding.

And Chris Rea’s Road to Hell would be an entertaining one for the entrance of the bride. Or, I suppose, as the coffin went down the rollers towards the furnace…


Lol, it says a lot about marriage that many of the songs are apt for both a wedding or a funeral!! Love it Dan!


I have also heard of weddings there they have Police - Every Breath You Take.

[/quote] A friend of mine was at a wedding where the first dance was to Young Hearts - you would think people would think these things thru! LOL Sonia x

I’ve told my son that I would quite like ‘Bat out of Hell’ at my funeral. Everyone must wear bright colours too like we did at my mum’s funeral. I hate black, far too depressing.

I think I’d also like the chorus of ‘Apologize’ by Timbaland as a subtle message to all the people who weren’t there for me when I needed them when I was alive … (like my sisters)

Tracey x

My husband wants ‘My Way’ but it has to be the Sid Vicious version :wink: It makes my Nine Inch Nails track seem very tame (The Great Below) but then again none of our friends/family would be too shocked by either. We did have some Nine Inch Nails during our wedding service too (La Mer)…that kind of explains my user name :wink:

Sonia x


I think I’d also like the chorus of ‘Apologize’ by Timbaland as a subtle message to all the people who weren’t there for me when I needed them when I was alive … (like my sisters)

[/quote] Ouch (to your sisters) but class track, it would be a good one… and Bat Out of Hell is a total classic :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Oh, Sid Vicious’ My Way is a great one for a funeral. I may have to add that to my list if your husband doesn’t mind me pinching it. Sorry but I don’t know any Nine Inch Nails music so that means nothing to me.

T x

my husband wants comfortably numb

“hello is there anybody in there, knock if you can hear me…”

he is leaving instructions to everyone to switch their phones off and has recorded a message that he wants to be passed on to anyone whose phone rings.

he’s such a weirdo!

I think that ‘living in a box’ would be appropriate for my funeral???

Now, my mate claims that he was at a funeral at the crematorium when they played “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from Wizard of Oz and just as the coffin was disappearing through the curtain, apparently they were too slow to turn the music off and everyone was treated to a few lines of “Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead”

Not sure if this is true or an urban myth, but a good story nonetheless.


Excellent story. My friends tell me at my funeral when the curtains are closing they are going to play Ann Robinson saying ‘You are the weakest link Goodbye’

Seems its true what they say only true friends can tell you like it is.


How about “Yesterday” by the Beatles for a wedding?!