Final event

hi there folks, this isn’t a first thought of topic of conversation, it will happen to at least 90% of us, mibbe more, what is your hope/plan for your funeral, for me, 1st, everyone turns up,I’ve always felt sad at seeing a funeral with only the undertakers/police/cemetery workers there, was the deceased all alone, 2nd, to be buried in a Celtic strip, 3rd, all the hymns have been chosen, the last, as I’m being carried out, Faith of my fathers, a favourite of mine since a wee bhoy, 4th, a warm day, for the mourners, cemeteries seem that cold, even on warm days, I remember one funeral way back, a right sunny warm day, the minister had said to the widower, ah Mathew it is indeed a sad day, Mathew replied, aye minister but she’s getting a lovely day for it, 5th, the most important one, make sure I’m dead, Brian

hi, incase you are worried not many folk will turn up, get someone to put a big ad in the local paper for you…aside from the usual obituary notice!


People always turn up for free butties Brian! Personally, for all the people that turn up that didn’t really like me, I hope they choke on them. Please don’t think I’m being flippant, but I don’t give a shit who turns up, I won’t be there!

Organ donation, tissue bank and medical research, or Fray Bentos. In that order.


Whammel, I will never eat a pie again, ever.

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Of course you’ll be there Tracy, you’re the main attraction, dun up in your Sunday best, mind you, you will probably miss the best part, the wake, Brian

Whammel thanks for that, No 78 with fried rice is off the menu, as is donar kebab, Brian

Whammel, thanks for that, No 78 with fried rice is off the menu, as is donar kebabs, Brian

my husband’s sick sense of humour will shine through at his funeral.

he wants “comfortably numb” by Pink Floyd played.

one guest will be asked to abet.

“hello is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me…”

i’m not sure what the abettor is going to do.

carole x

good song though

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Anon, they can’t just stick you in the recycling bin, it’s against the law. My songs are for those about to rock, going in, Hells Bells, coming out. Mines paid for, with strict instructions for my black jeans, black tee shirt & black jacket & I’m having the wake before I go, not paying for a party & not being there!

I’ve requested that at mine! The child has grown, the dream has gone… I have become… comfortably numb. Followed up by either The Universe Song or Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, by M.Python. The universe will go on, even if I’m not in it any more… (so cheer up ya buggers!). :slight_smile:

Love the idea of a pre-death party. At the actual funeral, my fab family & whoever else, can make their own way to the Church, my body (after organ donations & brain for medical research) will be inside a flower painted cardboard box coffin & carried in a Flower Power Van. Let it Be played on way in and Albatross (it’s always epitomised freedom to me) on the way out. No formality, pomp & circumstance - just a bright, happy atmosphere, full of joie de vivre.

Yep, that’ll do me, Chrissie x

I settled on the music a while back.
My first choice - my old Corps march, Lilliburlero - was a touch boisterous.
So I settled for a favourite tune - Over the Hills and Far Away:


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great idea re the knees up prior to popping off.

I like it!



direct cremation after the ms tissue bank get what they want and other bits are recycled.

those that need to know are aware of my wishes and understand.


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Cremation to the sound of Firestarter, twisted firestarter by Prodigy, then a medley of Ian Brown, Chemical Brothers and a large rave at a local pub. No pies. Then someone can chuck me on the field at the back.


Lay lady lay by Bob Dylan maybe. Pre death party may be called life I guess

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Exactly Slug!!! I’m not missing out, party on!

The Intro and the Outro; The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.


Thank you Albrecht, I have just checked this one out and now my tummy hurts.