RIP Mrs Thatcher. Thoughts going out to her family today

The people on here are not hatefull. It may be that MT brings out that one bit of hell many people were trying to forget.

I was trying to forget buying my first house [not RTB] when interest rates were at 4% followed by the hell of living in a mining area [Darlington] during the strike and watching as interest rates went to 13%.

I was trying to forget that just before pay day we had one bag of frozen peas to feed 2 adults and 3 dogs…the dogs ate.

I was trying to forget being one step away from bankruptcy, surviving on credit cards that we paid with another credit card.

Of course I will never forget it, but days like today bring it right up in front of me…and I hate that.


Absolutely. Thank goodness for human kindness. Anyone who has lost a Mum will know the ache that lives with you. Today is a day to remember her for this and for no other reason. I hope that on the day of my funeral people remember the good and not the bad.

Sorry l can’t remember anything good she has ever done.

The only thing that Mark Thatcher will be thinking of will be who is going to bail him out now and how much will he inherit.

Thanks Mrs H. Its nice to see the service is going reasonably peaceful Though shamefull to see so many hatefull people on here. Quite disturbing really x

Hi Kimbo I totally agree and it saddens me. I am looking at the grief etched on her families faces and that is who today is about. Tomorrow is for debating the legacy but not today. Today is about mourning for the people who loved her and doubtless they did. Xx

If you post something on a public forum, it’s probably best not to get too disappointed when people disagree with you.

My thought’s to, she did a lot of good for our country, some may say not! never one to sit on the fence was Mrs T, R.I.P… it has shown a lot of colour’s and division on here unfortunatly julien,

Whammel i am not disapointed at people not agreeing with me. I am however disapointed at the aount of cruel and poisonus comments from a group of people who share this rotten disease, and are relied on to give advice, support and encourangement. How wrong was I

: )

Absolutely Liz, and for those who suffered under Thatcherism and are still experiencing hardship as a result of its legacy, being compelled to pay for the funeral of this tax dodging multimillionaire is a bit of a smack in the teeth…

Once again the UK has shown the world that it can hold it’s head up with pride , and put on a touching, fitting and dramatic end with a superb ceremony , it would be such a shame to lose that capability ‘ever’ , what a great job done by all the combined forces (again) and yes it’s costly of course , but there is always that other side of it that brings revenue back into this country , whether it be future tourism to London, or just the revenue created by the odd big occasion ,

even the transport companies must have made a profit that day , let alone the places that serve food etc , it was also good to hear that Gordon Brown had ordered and ok’d the gun carriage , the horses always add that something extra special ,

I guess the like will never happen again , and think that she was an inspiration at the very least whether people agreed with every policy or not ,

Very well put.

Some forget Maggie lost power in 1990, not last year.

The damage she caused people will out live her.

One more nail in the coffin of thatcherism, shame it had to cost 10 mill.


yes I can’t quite get that folk still think she’s responsible right to this day , as you say 1990 was a long long time ago , and very few of these policies that people say they hate were ever reversed in the following years by either parties ?

well ‘all’ Prime Ministers have caused some damage to someone surely ? it was on the t.v this morning for instance that Harold Wilson closed more mines before she came to power than she ever did , to be honsest I didn’t know that , but had you been an employee of any such mine in his time ,you would have disliked the government of the day ? or him ? but I guess the closing of the mines in those times were put down to economics , and will not be remembered as wilsonism ?

I quite agree Darren. Although, I have to say that it cost us a lot more than the 10 mill.

And we don’t need reminding that she left 10 Downing Street in 1990 as the people old enough to have been damaged and lost homes, jobs etc at the time are well aware of the date.


Most of her policies were irreversible, it would have been financially impossible to rebuild or reopen the mines, the steelworks etc or to purchase back the privatised industries and utilities.

Social housing had been sold off with no replacement building programme in place.

Thatcher didn’t take into account that the British economy had been systematically weakened by the post war failure to rebuild and invest in British manufacturing industry.

Instead she gleefully targeted manufacturing industries and the unions that represented the people who worked there and killed them stone dead with no other employment for those who lost their livelihoods as a result.

The ‘working class’ had its greatest strength in the manufacturing industries which her policies undermined and ultimately destroyed.

Her fundamentalist ‘loadsa money’ beliefs that markets always know best were devastating to the country especially to the regions and the devastated and unemployed communities within those regions.