Managed the funeral

Thanks everyone for your kind words before granda funeral. Today has been a bit of a blur. Didn’t sleep till 3 last night then up at 7. Kids were In menace mode. Funeral itself was pretty hard and on the way out noticed my ex had came. Gran and mum picked Callum up to take him to granda johns party. Then we went to graveyard. Car drove me to the grave so was great. Then standing I had to move slighty couldn’t get my balance. Did 3 stumbles dad had to grab hold of me till I got my balance, he kept saying ur fine ur fine. Was just because I had to step forward with the cord then stepped back on uneven ground and didn’t have time to rebalance. If dad hadn’t caught me I think I would have been in the grave. Which I can now laugh at and see the funny side. I am now exhausted everything seems worse. My ex came to the funeral and sent grandma a card. Which was nice Can’t be bothered with dinner this evening I’ve nibbled off and on all day so won’t starve. Can’t wait to lie in bed

(((Hugs))) You’ve had a tough day on not a lot of sleep, it’s no wonder you feel exhausted. Go to bed as soon as you can, I hope you sleep well.


Its been a tough day Em - physically & emotionally and will probably take quite a while before you feel settled.

Look after yourself hun


JBK xx

You’ve had and have sooo much going off and all in so little time. You’re managing to get through under the circumstances, no matter how tough you’re keeping strong. It’s blooming hard to stay positive but it’s also okay to have down days and a good blub. Bet your jiggered so hopefully you’ll be fast asleep now. Sending my love to you and yours xx Michelle x

Hi Em

Well done for getting through a really tough day. Be kind to yourself for the next few days. Whatever needs doing will still be there later. I hope you managed to sleep last night. I normally don’t sleep a wink after a loved one’s funeral because it all goes round and round in my head.

Sending big hugs your way

Tracey xx

Tracey is right take things easy


Thanks I was exhausted dozed for 7.30 to 8.30 put the little one down in her bed had a cup of tea then slept till 8 this morning. Stiffness is a nightmare this morning I’d pains shooting all over last night Grateful its over now and grans coming tl stay a few days next week which will be good x

I slept like a baby Tracey was just so tired my brain couldn’t do anymore thinking. I’m gonna tAke till Monday then phone my solicitor. Sooner it’s done the better and I can make a new life. Hopefully without a stairs. I’ve citizens advice coming on Wed to access what I need so hopefully get the ball rolling on that side of things too. I’ve so much to do I don’t know where tl start

Just remember one thing, Em

You have just coped with one of the most stressful things that can happen to a human adult - and you have come out of the other side. Just keep on going.


Wise words by Geoff. Be kind to yourself over the next few days xx

ThNks Geoff and star1981 I know I think I’ve emotionally shut down to help me cope. It was the same when my marriage broke down last year. Maybe it’s shock disbelief. I would normally do mad cleaning to keep my mind off things so not able for that now. But kids keep me busy . I actually put my daughter to bed for a sleep this afternoon put a movie on for my son and we lay in his bed watching it. I snoozed off and on. Legs weren’t brilliant today so was good for them. X

I think the emotional shut down can be a way of coping when things get too much. Don’t over think events until you are ready.

You really need to be kind to yourself and take things easy.

Take care. xx

I hope you have a lovely peaceful weekend with Callum and willow Em. It will be great for you, to have your gran staying next week…some nice quality time together.