This year just keeps getting better - now my other granda has died

Hi everyone Apologies for anyone who replied to an earlier message last week would have replied but getting organised for selling the house has got me tired So my other granda has been not well a while would go down a bit then rally round. He had a stroke in hospital about 2/3 months ago and had another one while in hospital and they missed and 24 hours later goes oh looks like he’s had another. Glad to see they check patients well. A few days ago he said to the doctor it’s time to go home he was at home. He’s hardly been speaking so he managed to say that. It was like he knew it was time. Dad phoned yesterday morning to say he’d passed away. So I’ve 2 grandas in 4 weeks I’m doing well lol. Funeral Fri so a service in the house at 10 for close family then the actual funeral at 1 then the kirk yard and tea it’s going to be a long day So think I’ll wait for the house to be put on the. Market another week or maybe I won’t oh I don’t know. And I lost my balance feel into an open cupboard door and hit just under my eye so got a nice little cut Em x

Oh Em, so sorry for your loss. You’ve had a lousy four weeks and the stress of trying to sell your house. My sympathies to you all. Vinny xxx

Thanks vinny X

ah em,

what a rotten time you are having.

my sympathy goes out to you.

carole xxx

now let that cupboard door know that you have an axe and aren’t afraid to use it.

so sorry for your loss,to loose 2 grandads in such a short time is just awful for you.


J x

(((Hugs))) So sorry to hear this news, my deepest sympathies to you.

So sorry to hear your sad news

you take care


Hi Em,

My condolences hun. You have certainly been through the mill recently. Bad news and stress at the same time can seem so overwhelming.

My thought are with you & your family.

Take care - lots of hugs

Kelly x

Thanks everyone I am naturally upset about my granda it’s strange I just seem to have gone numb and so used to bad news it’s just a case of what next But today I have played outside with the kids we’ve weeded the pots, willow seen how much rose petals she can take off lol Em x

Hi Em I’m really sorry and sad to hear about the loss of your granda. Lovely, that you have two gorgeous children to keep you distracted :slight_smile: ((((((hugs))))))

Sending you hugs Em what a rotten time you are having. Glad you are having good times with your children. Hope these continue. Take care