Grandas funeral hope ms behaves

Hi everyone Hope you are as well as can be the week started not brilliantly. Ex problems suddenly deciding he’s taking willow I said he wasn’t. And then he threatened with the house etc Then on Sunday my granda who has dementia took pretty ill and got admitted to hospital. By Monday lunch time he’d passed away I’m very lucky I’ve got to 31 and still have 4 grandparents I’m very close to my mums parents, we lived In a big old house grandma and granda having the ground floor mum and dad first and second floor. WS an amazing childhood, 2 kitchens always something to eat. When I rowed with mum a quick trip downstairs and everything wS made good. He wasn’t hands on granda but his story telling was amazing passed many a long journey with his knowledge of his history, I remember when I was new married being at their house and him insisting I take the chicken from their fridge for dinner. My grandma looking on as she saw her meal disappearing informing him we probably had more money tha. Him.he truly had a heart of gold. He had dementia for the last few years but the last 12 months deteriorated. He went from a 38’ waist to a 32 being too big his ruddy complexion gone. Grandma has done amazing the past 3 months I just wish ms had afforded me a little more time for the kids and him. It’s all happened so fast dying on Monday and his funerals Thirsday I have decided to have a cord had I still been married My ex would have done it for me but I’m determined to do it So I’m the first cord dad was going to be 3 but he’s decided to stand behind me. His grave will he well into a large graveyard so mum and dad have asked the undertaker to drive me to the grave and dads coming with me. Mum and gran will go straight to the wake. They said I don’t have to do it come with them but I want to. Ms has totally changed my life and I want to do this for my granda and I will do it. Anyway hope my legs behave. And your feeling ok Em x

My condolences Em. Its hard to lose a grandparent that you were so close to, especially if they were your refuge at rough times. It will be a difficult day even in good health.

Deal with the ex when you are in a more grounded frame of mind. Surely he will realise that now is not the time.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you on thursday hun and I’ll add an extra one for just for your legs.

Take care - lots of hugs

Kelly xx

Very sad to hear about the loss of your granda Em, I will be thinking about you thursday and I will remember your granda in my prayers.

Lot’s of hugs to you.

Noreen xx

Thank you Noreen and Kelly Didn’t sleep till 3 last night and looks like another late one Amazing how babies sense things It’s also a year since my major relapse when my whole right side stopped working. On fri I am going to look at a 3 bed ground floor flat that’s for rent a 1 minute walk from mums. Downside no garden but kids toys will go to mums and there is a space for the dog to pee. I have citizens advice coming to do a home visit next week hopefully get financial stuff sorted so not reliant on maintenance. Then next weekend it will be let battle commence. Mum and were going away for the night with the car for a service 2 hours away. It’s been cancelled so they’re going tues/wed next week. So gran is coming to stay with me I want everything sorted want the divorce a new place and settled I feel so unsettled just now though I hide it well with family. Though after the weekends escapade maybe not so much I’m the worst fighter ever!!! I just can’t do it. When my ex was being cruel I walked away and told him it wasn’t being discussed and made a coffee till he left. I’m going to have a bath put in rollers to sleep with trial run for the funeral so I only have a quick wash in the morning. I have to deliberate whether Callum should come to funeral. He wants to come but I’m not sure he is very mature and sensible. His dad bought him fish where when one dies new one replaces it and I don’t think that’s a good lesson to leArn. Oh I don’t know. If he goes to service he will go straight to wake with mum and grandma so won’t be seeing him getting lowered. I’m going to see granda tomorrow. Say my goodbyes at the rest room mum will watch kids Xx

So sorry, such a tought time for you. :frowning: xxx

Big hugs, Em. So sorry for your loss xx


Thanks for the wishes s went to see granda today my dad was going to come but I went alone and wanted some privacy. In total Bridget jones fashion I couldn’t get in the door then when I was in I expected to see granda open like In the movies. So I shuffled about nervous wondering what on earth to do. Finally plucked up the courage and lifted the flap over his head. He looked more like granda he was so drawn and thin. In last few days. I gave him a kiss and left. Went down and watched the waves crashing against the rocks for a while. Seemed fitting as he was a fisherman. I’ve been preparing for tomorrow put on fake tan cried and 2 big tear stains oops. Better get some rest

Hope all goes well Em hugs from Margate for you all and that’s me with a flower face on to cheer you up a little Don

Thanks don. Appreciated Can’t sleep nervous energy Xx

What about some warm milk/drinking chocolate. Will be thinking about you Em. ((((((hugs))))))

I’ll be thinking of you today Em - I hope it all goes as serenely as you could wish for

Take care


JBK xx

Hope u are ok xx sending hugs