Having a bad, sad week

I joked to my Mum a few weeks ago, that Grandad’s rollator was amazing and at the weekend she offered it to me. She couldn’t think of a better home for it cos Grandad passed away at the end of last week. I know he did amazingly well to reach his 90’s but it still hurts.

The last few days my right leg has gotten so bad, its a struggle to get my knee to bend at all. Fatigue has hit me really bad too. I’m really hoping that these aren’t permanent things

Hope you’re all doing OK and apologies if I’ve not replied to anything important. But been a bit of a muddle over the last few days. Trying hard not to be erratic but you know how it is.

Sonia xx

(((Hugs))) at this sad time. There isn’t a lot I can say, other than I’m thinking of you.

Aww Sonia you’re going through a difficult time. It doesn’t matter how old or poorly a relative was, it still hurts when they die and you feel the loss for a long time. There isn’t much I can say or do to make it better except I’m thinking of you. Try to remember the good times you had together and don’t feel badly about using his walker, I’ll bet he’d appreciate it being put to good use by someone he loved.

I’m no ms expert but I’ll bet it’s grief exacerbating your symptoms. Unfortunately there isn’t a way around it, you have to allow yourself to grieve but accept it and make sure you take care of yourself. My Grandma died a few years ago, we got on really well, I loved her dearly even though she was really hard work for me for the last year or so of her life, I was made responsible for her and she had dementia. I was badly affected when she died and I had a huge hole in my routine without her, it was awful. I wasn’t dx then and just had to accept that grief mass me ill.

You just make sure you eat well, rest and you know where we all are if you need a friendly supportive ear. I’m sure that like with an infection or stress things will feel better in time. This stupid insensitive illness always whacks us when we’re down. I wish you well Sonia, accept the help and support from those close to you. And nobody here will mind you taking time out, do what’s best for you, but use is too, we’re here for you.

Cath xx

Condolences Sonia. Very upsetting for you… just because someone is very old doesn’t make it easier. The upset and grief is bound to affect your symptoms… take it easy hon. Unlikely the changes will be permanent… it’s a response to emotional stress and should settle down in time. Thinking of you, Pat xx

I’m so very very sorry Sonia, Such a traumatic thing is bound to make your symptoms worse. Sending massive hugs. Love Nina x

Hi Sonia

It is always a difficult time whatever age a person is, but try to remember all the goood times together, memories are so reassuring.

I feeo sure that you grieving has made your symptoms worse, but give yourself time and things will settle down.

Sending you (((((hugs))))) thinking of you and your family.

Pam x

Hi Sonia,

Sorry to hear of your loss. I agree with the others in that the stress will have made you symptoms more pronounced temporarily.

When you say your knee wont bend, is that do you think caused by spasticity in your quadriceps. Can you bend your knee when sitting? Maybe a little more baclofen is required.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Hi Sonia, I do hope things pick up for you. Life is hard at times. Just keep your chin up you have lots of friends here that are there for you. take care regards Janxx

Hey Sonia, hang in their bud!

Weather set fair for the rest of the week and weekend, so get out if you can, get some colour and vit D, maybe the odd glass of pims or vino and tell your brain to tell the MS to go and get stuffed for a while!

Take care and chin up


Thank you all so much everyone, I really appreciate it. I’m so relieved that I’ve gotten thru Weds, so it’s all downhill from here and we’re only working 2 days next week. Hopefully removing a little stress will help calm my Elf down.

Moyna, you could be right, I started on the Nabilone… but getting a regular prescription has gotten a bit messy so I’ve only been taking one tablet a day, so by the afternoon it gets bad. The other day I sat in the car hen went to swing my legs in and that’s when it wouldn’t bend, I even had my hand behind the knee and couldn’t do it. Hopefully I will be picking up a proper prescription and then I’ll need to email the MS team each month and ask them to get me a new script - it has to be from the hospital, my GP can’t do it. I’m sure we will work something out soon, I hope so anyway!

Take care everyone, it means a lot to have you all here to talk to

Sonia xx

So sorry about your Grandad Sonia. It’s really hard to even take it on board when a loved one dies. You keep thinking you’re going to see them or tell them about this and that. Your memories are your friends at times like this and you can think of happy times together, although that is obviously very painful. It’s true that the stress of your grief could be contributing to your MS symptoms. Keep trucking on love, hopefully things will improve! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa, I really appreciate all the lovely comments here

I’m glad this week at work is finished, I’ve got a quiet weekend then 2 days at work next week, it helps knowing I won’t be exhausted next week

Sonia xx