Dare I mention David Cassidy!

I was 10 years old when I fell in love with my heart throb David Cassidy. With my bedroom adorned n David Cassidy posters and a multitude of scrapbooks with every article, the David Cassidy magazine, partridge family annuals, books, records and memorabilia, I even had a pair of David Cassidy knickers, I saw him in concert at White City Stadium.

That was years ago and I grew out of it. But that spark has never left me and today I’m very sad.

RIP xx

I saw him in Manchester think I was about 16. I still listen to my Jackie cd which includeds how can I be sure…the best ever.

Yes it’s so sad and he was so young.

RIP David Cassidy.I was about 12 or 13 yr old when i fell sooooooo in love with him i had full size photos of him all over my bedroom wall he was my first ever love i too feel really sad to hear he has died.

at 10 years old my walls were dedicated to marc bolan and bowie.

but just before that david cassidy had his moment on my wall.

if walls could talk eh

sad that david cassidy died so young.

Me too, and I saw him at what used to be the Wembley Empire Pool when I was about 13 because a school friend had a spare ticket. My first real concert and it was on a school night and everything. Unheard of in those days!

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