monkey,s singer Davy Jones dies (not ms)

I have just heard the sad new that Davy Jones has died, he was a singer in the group The Monkeys.

I rememember watching them on tv as a child and he was the member of the group that all the girls wanted.They were a realy fun group and not bad singers too.

Go fly on the wings of a bird now Davy

RIP Davy you will be sadly missed.Barbara.xx

Hi Barbara

How sad, i used to think he was cute even though he was old enough to be my dad or even grandad!!


Sad news, all the girls loved him, didnt  they, my friend who is a really good artist did a lifesize sketch of him for her bedroom wall, she loved him.


RIP Davey.


jaki  xx

Sad news indeed, he was in my era. RIP Davy.

Janet x

Was he the one that wore a hat?

No he didn't wear a hat, he was the one with the cheeky grin. Sad, sad.

Janet x

He was the really cheeky one,he started out by playing Enna Sharples grandson in corination st

I was mad about him when I was about 12 years old. Then I found out that he was 21. I was shocked! So old!

RIP Davy Jones.

Pat x