"marti pellow" sings ms (not really)

I feel it in my fingers,

i feel it in my toes.

ms runs all through me

so all my feeling goes.

there’s no beginning

there’ll be no end.

ms my love

you can’t be my friend.

ms i hate you

i always will

my mind’s made up about the way i feel.

run out of steam once again


Hi Carole, I like that one - says it all I’ve got it stuck in my head now lol I used to be very partial to Marti Pellow back in the day :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing ok? Twinkle Toes x

hi TT

i’m feeling good today because my youngest sister has invited me to hers for lunch.

sandwiches, salad and lots of gin and tonic!

her back garden is a real sun trap so i’ll get a hefty dose of vitamin D.

sis used to love marti pellow too so we’ll probably have a gin induced singing session.

happy days!

carole x

Hi Carole,

Aww, I’m glad you’re feeling good and that’s nice you’ll be seeing your younger sister today.

Lunch sounds great - Sandwiches, Salad, a good hefty dose of Vitamin D and being rounded off with a bit of the old G & T to help with them singing voices (of course) lol

I’m not surprised she used to love Marti Pellow, I mean what wasn’t there to love about him!!!

Hope you have a great day :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x


very good. i saw him last year and he has still ‘got it’…


he was on sunday brunch and you’re right he’s still got it.

Yep it’s firmly planted in my head, until my short term memory kicks in lol


Reg Presley - the lead singer of The Troggs

Sorry for the change of subject, when I read The Troggs my immediate thought was Lewis Collins (Professionals actor).

I googled (as you do) to check I was remembering correctly and every article had “troggs missing”. Can anyone shed any light on this.

Bodie was my favourite :-))

Jan x

i checked the lewis collins/troggs and it was jerry lee lewis who had connections with the troggs.

google just picks up odd words and includes them in the search.

Thanks for that it isn’t something I’ve ever noticed before.

Jan x

bodie was my favourite too!

How come the conversation went from swooning over Marti Pellow to Bodie off the Professionals!!!

How easily are we swayed ladies lol

Judge John Deed much better

Silence in court … Perrlease