Just to say evening.

I have taken a massive step this week - eventually. I have had MS 14 years. Last week I decided to stop trying to fight it, although life is good it will never be normal.

finally realised it and decided to embrace Ms rather than battle it - fed up of trying.

so signed up to the forum so you will see me around - so hello everyone.



Hmm, my brain really wanted me to say, “hello, good evening and welcome”…who said that?! It’s gonna annoy me now xD

Oooh quiz, quiz, quiz. … Nixon ? :wink:

Frosty Response

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Hello Jasie, How are yer ? Welcome to the forum. I finally joined recently too… Embrace your inner freak. 19 years tomorrow (dx). Yay!. Still going. As is my memory. … Take care, Andy

Positively chilly !!!

It was Frost? Lol! I’ve never watched that, but because it became a catchphrase it’s been used in a hundred other places, hasn’t it!

Max points to both you guys then, both correct, though Andy in a slightly sideways fashion, that I think I’m starting to learn is normal ;D You both win a cuddly toy and a set of wooden salad bowls, congrats!

Now stop hijacking Jasie’s thread, and say hi swats

Ha ha !!! Just did !! (Didn’t Viz magazine hi jack the phrase in the nineties/naughties but slightly ruder ?) :smiley:

Yeah yeah, you ninja’d me :stuck_out_tongue: Always the way in forums!

I never read Viz unless I was round my mate’s house. A guy, ofc, I wonder if any women bought Viz xD

Welcome Jasie.

I like your attitude. Similar to mind I suppose.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago and now I know what makes symptoms worse I keep away from them situations.

I am sure you will enjoy the forum.

Jellysundae. That was David Frost. You know, he was on Through the Keyhole!!

Keep smiling.

Shazzie xx