Newbie, I guess....

Hello. How are yer ? Well, first post to say hello. I’ve been reading posts on here (figuring out the aabbreviations), and realise I’m incredibly lucky, and feel a bit of a fraud - as I told my MS nurse. I’ve had this for a while now. Diagnosed in 96. A great day. England got knocked out of the Euros that day too, and I’d turned green when I looked at my brain pics. Not long out of uni, and bam! (I’d read an article on illnesses in Loaded a week or so before, and figured / worried what it was). I stuck my head in the sand. My wife read up on it when we met, I was blissfully ignorant. Took a while, well years, till I admitted it to myself. I was of an age that people thought I was drunk as I staggered around. I hid it well, but told those I wanted to know. But nearly two decades on, I’m still going. Still working, though I’ve had reduced feeling in my hands for years… I get symptoms every day, and feel like they’re fracking in my legs sometimes (not to mention stabbing behind my eyes which is my personal ‘favourite’). Knackered most days. Don’t know if it’s the work, illness or kids… Like I say, compared with some on here, I’ve got it easy, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone, and my symptoms others are getting and it’s not all in my head. Take care of yourselves, Andy

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Hi Andy and welcome

Everybody’s MS story is different and we all deal with it differently.

Don’t belittle what you’ve had to contend with.

Hopefully your story will give hope to any youngsters who have just been diagnosed. Life can and does go on with MS.

I hope you are able to get on wth your life on your terms for a long time to come.

Anne x

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Hello Anne. Thank you for your kind words. That was my reason for posting. I lived on the down curve for a long time. A bad job where I got taken for granted only added to it, but now the glass is half full again. Everyone is different. I (try to) use positive thinking and humour (however dark) to get through. Andy

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Hi Andy welcome a really positive post, I have also been lucky in my MS journey I only recently stopped working after 23 ish years of symptoms. Going to Turkey on Monday I’ve ordered airport assistance…there’s always a silver lining

Jan x


Hi Andy!

I totally know that feeling like a fraud thing, I think it’s close to impossible to not feel that way when you read the problems some of the people on here have. Seems to be human nature to compare ourselves to others and find something to beat ourselves up about, doesn’t it, we just can’t help ourselves!