Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone is as well as the MonSter will allow. I am feeling a bit stumped for words right now as my sister informed me today that she thinks that I look young for my age because I “have no stress”. Her reason for thinking this way is because I don’t have a job because I have MS. She genuinely thinks that stress only comes through work, but she aught to try juggling with MS for a few hours. This is even more surprising as my sister is a nurse!!


??? just smile and agree, its the best way,i let them all think what they will lpl.

jaki xx

meant to put lol,not lpl

jaki xx

Some people really should know better.
It is surprising the ideas that some people get.


Ahh, our nearest and dearest eh?

Of course we suffer no stress do we?

We can go to bed/get up when we like. Stay in our pjs, eat when we like . Talk as long as we like on here, without having to clock watch.

Oh I nearly forgot, i like wetting myself cos I cant get to the loo by myself or in time, this nerve pain is fun, I love pinching bits of me to see if they are still numb and as for wakeful nights due to pressure pains, they`re just peachy!

Fun being stuck at home, hoping MR DWP doesnt take our benefits off us, eh?

Not stressful at all, is it?

luv Pollx

They just don’t know what we go through Moira, I have the same thing with my brother at times, I had to have a moody moo moment the other week and told him I know I look ok but I really can’t take any stress which includes worry about his business. It seems to have done the trick (until the next time). I do try not to moan about symptoms as it gets tiresome for people to listen to but if you don’t moan they assume you’re alright Jack!.

Wendy x

My friend told me it was only “blip” I am going through, and everyone does, but mine is hanging around a bit longer!!! WTF

jan x

Some people make such ignorant comments that beggars belief, they

should try walking in our shoes for a while (excuse the pun!!).

Pam x

Complete any stress questionnaire, and major health issues push the score right up - on a par with divorce or bereavement.

No, stress doesn’t only come from work. In fact, work stresses begin to look quite trivial, once you have life-changing issues to contend with.

As someone who deals with ill people as her job, your sister should have had more insight into the stress it causes. But very few people seem to get it, with MS.

My (now ex-) “best” friend is still waiting for me to commence my glittering new career, after I was made redundant a few months ago, at 46, and with MS. I think she bases this on the fact I’ve had one night out in a whole year, and can still be caught in possession of a lipstick! So obviously no problems there then!


Maybe she would like to swap places with you?

Why don’t you tie tight bands around her limbs; bandage up her feet plus make her wear wellies full of concrete; wire her up to a powerful vibrator (!!), and be sure to fill her up with 4 litres of water and not let her sleep for 48 hours first. She’ll have such a stress free day she’ll be grateful to you!


am agreeing with jaki’s answer

ellie x

I’m going with everyones answers :slight_smile: xx

wish people would stop telling me its that time of year and there are alot of bugs flying about… GGGggggrrrrrrrrrr

Thank you to Jaki, Paul, Poll, Wendy, Jan,Pam, Tina, Deb, Ellie, Bambi and Kimbo or your votes of confidence, as I was even beginning to believe that it was me being unreasonable. Perhaps I was like this before I got MS, but I doubt it and I hope not. There are these other types of people too who seem to think that it was my choice to get MS, as if it was an unwise career move. These people make me sneer even more! Thank you all for replying to my posting!

Best Wishes,


Hi again.

I had a neighbour who was around at the beginning of my problems. he saw the deterioration and said, Youll be laughing all the way to the bank, with your benefits!`

I told him I would be limping and definitely not laughing!

Gotta love `em for their ignorance, eh?

luv Pollx

This did make me smile. Back in the day, I used to be a bit like that too! Alison x