What to do?

Well I suppose I’ll be getting up, getting showered, getting back on the armchair and lazing in front of the t.v all day…

Jan x

Hi Jan,

Yes , me too , another busy day doing nothing !! But watch the repeats on TV.

Retirement is so sweet. Nothing to do till after New Year.

Hope you enjoyed Xmas. Take care, Andy

I had a lovely Christmas thanks Andy, hope you did too. Nothing on t.v, I have Missing on series link. I was going to watch all eight episodes in one go but Goggle box showed the ending! so I don’t think its worth watching now, seems it was a bit of a let down.

Talking of Goggle Box, Steph and Don have some the funniest/sharpest one liners I’ve heard in a long time

Best wishes for 2015

Jan x

hi jan

i want to hibernate like a little squirrel but i forgot where i hid my nuts.

this brain fog just gets worse!

the ending was a let down but i’d watch them anyway.

any excuse to watch james nesbitt!!!

carole x

Hi All,

The first sign of frost/snow I just want to go to bed and not wake up till spring.

I have a SAD lamp so I am hoping it will start working.

I have heard that the boy in a dress was good so I am away to watch it on iplayer.

Mags xx

Ok Carole I’m going to watch the first one as soon as I log off here.

Mags I do wish they’d come up with a more appropriate name for the lamps I haven’t watched Boy in a dress, I don’t like David Walliams, no idea why I just find him irritating. Hope you enjoy though, let me know if it was good and I’ll watch it on catch up.

Jan x