Saturday night in

Bored and fed up tonight. Really good week with all the symptoms, first in a while. Having MS is bad enough stuck watching Saturday night telly really isn’t helping.

bottle of wine not helping either.


Bbc 2 from 9.30…apart from that…Hot tub time machine at 11 on 4? My wife is upstairs with my middle son, eating popcorn and watching Insurgence. … I’m catching up on sky+… New Unforgettable… Enjoy your wine, I’m on hardcore tea. Leave the T bag in and it’ll stretch to a refill… So was the foul language the deal breaker ? You seen her since ? Just being nosey, and you’re bored… :wink: Andy

Swapped texts the pretty rugby fan is all I can think about now. Bored on a Saturday night doesn’t help

Sorry, been playing football on my phone ! And depressing myself watching A song for Jenny (7/7 bombing) on catch up… well it’s cool you swapped texts… avenues to kill time a little there…???

I quite look forward to Saturday nights on the box.

Ever since “The Killing” became a cult thing, I’ve tended to watch the foreign drama on BBC4.

True, not much has reached the same standard as “The Killing”, but there’s usually something decent enough to while away a couple of hours, and not being British or American makes it a change from the usual fare.

At the moment I’m watching a Flemish thriller about a deadly virus outbreak. I happen to be learning Dutch at the moment, and Flemish is just a dialect of Dutch, so I’m practicing my language skills at the same time. I wouldn’t be able to follow without the subtitles, but it’s quite interesting to listen carefully, to see just how much I can pick up.

It’s not first-rate drama, but it’s keeping me entertained OK.


Hey Tina, How are yer ? What’s that then ? I didn’t get as far as bbc4 on the sky…??? They keep pushing Jordsgott or however you spell it, but we haven’t dabbled. I liked The tunnel (french) and the returned…but can’t remember if that was french too…

How do you guys generally manage with subtitles then? I find that because of my reduced processing speeds now, if I try to watch something with subtitles then I can’t actually watch it, because so much of my time is spent reading the text, and I miss what’s going on.

I get excited whenever I see Studio Ghibli stuff on Film 4, because I want to be able to watch these films on the TV, rather than from anime sites on my laptop, but they’re nearly always the original Japanese format with subtitles, rather than the dubbed version, and I’ve learnt that it’s a waste of time for me to try watching those.

I prefer the original format tbh. I watched La femme Nikita in French, then put on the English for a larf. Really bad American dubbing. Lost it’s sexiness straight away… I often put on the subtitles for u.s. stuff though as Karen gets fed up with me asking ‘What did they say?’ most sentences - though that’s down to too much loud music for years :wink:

It’s called “Cordon” - it’s a series. They do a double-bill each Saturday night, starting at 9 p.m on BBC4, as they’ve been doing with most of these foreign dramas.

I haven’t heard of Jordsgott (unless, perhaps, you mean Borgen? - it’s in the same slot that used to be). It’s become the norm that they put a subtitled drama in that slot. They vary quite a lot in both atmosphere and quality (you can imagine that something set in Copenhagen is very different from one in Sicily), but they’re usually at least OK, and sometimes excellent. Even if the story isn’t that great, it’s nice, sometimes, just to get a glimpse of a country we don’t see much of - especially those of us who don’t travel much anymore.

Apologies to Jase - I feel I’ve sidetracked his post. He’s probably not that interested in continental drama if he’s too busy dreaming of pretty but foul-mouthed rugby fans. :wink:



Haven’t found it a problem so far - touch wood. In fact I seem to have more of a problem with sustained reading of books. I think it’s because I used to read mainly or only in bed, before lights out, but these days, I’m so doped up before I go upstairs that I can’t really stay awake enough to follow the plot of anything.

I joined a site called Goodreads (now owned by Amazon, surprise, surprise), which lets you set a target for how many books you’re going to read this year. I thought that might spur me on to return to my reading, and all started off well, but after a few months, all I’m getting are reminders of how many books behind schedule I am. I’d only set what thought was quite a modest target of 20 books, too. I think I’ve managed three by July, so certainly won’t get through another 17 by the end of the year. :frowning:

I know it’s no good trying to force yourself, if you’re just not feeling the urge, but I used to be such an avid reader - two or three books on the go at once. Now it takes me a month of Sundays to finish one. Much the same goes for my CDs - hundreds of them, never played. I don’t know if it’s depression, or lack of patience, or what.

I can’t blame lack of time, since I stopped work. Why don’t I read books or listen to music anymore?



Judging by my own experiences, it’s entirely the MS, Tina. I wish I had a tidy sentence of explanation for it, because it will be helpful for me (to write down) for when I eventually get my ESA assessment. I have many things that I want to do, I think about one of these things and my brain’s response is “…” that really is the best way that I can portray it.

It happens all the time on here, when I start a response to someone, but brain is just, “NOPE”, so I have to give up and navigate away. I still read a lot, though I struggle with comprehension in a way that I never did before, but I rarely manage to listen to music now. I can’t have it on in the background like I used to be able to, my brain can’t deal with whatever I’m doing online and listening to music at the same time.

I often have the tv on at the same time if it’s later in the day. But unless I focus on the screen I entirely miss what’s going on. This is since the relapses I’ve had this year as both had cognitive impact. So I guess music as well as something else is just too much for my brain to process at once. I tend not to watch any of the music channels either, I’d assumed that was simply because I’m not interested in the music they’re playing, but maybe there’s more to it than I thought…

Oh, you say about how your reading started off well, but after a few months your brain lost interest, basically. That’s exactly how pretty much anything is for me. My brain can’t seem to maintain a sustained effort on any one thing. Sooner or later it’s response to anything is going to be “…”.

Jordskott. On itv encore. Swedish…

Oh, is that a subscription channel? I don’t have pay TV, and not really tempted, so clueless about anything that’s only on there.


It’s on sky, so it may be on freeview. Don’t know. Just downloading Cordon … :smiley: