good telly for zombies like me

i’m a zombie because i roam the house when everyone is sleeping.

so i made a cuppa and trawled the telly for something to watch.

firstly i was inspired by the tale of mike oldfield who after being a sociable child had a bad LSD trip at sixteen and withdrew into his room and his mind.

he is undoubtably a talented man having composed and played all the instruments on tubular bells.

richard branson signed him up but mike didn’t want to sell his soul.

success came but all the phone calls from people who wanted to meet him did his head in.

he is very well now so a happy ending.

then father ted.

mrs doyle fell off the roof twice and like she does she just got up and made a pot of tea.

she was in a bad way though.

then she fell down the stairs and knocked everything back into place.

mrs doyle is now alright too so a second happy ending.

goodnight this zombie needs a couple of hours sleep.


just reread this and i sound completely barmy.

Just don’t watch the X files before going to sleep. Insane plots!! I would’nt have the marbles to go on the internet when that zonked. Just chillaxe and sofa surf - that s me after 6pm…!!

Not at all! You made me laugh. Anyhow I’m eccentric so what, makes life more interesting!

my wish for everybody with ms is for them to have mrs doyle type recoveries!

no blood, no bruises, no ambulances.

wishful thinking so be careful.

mrs doyle is the housekeeper in father ted.

oh you should watch it.

it’s always on repeat.

hilarious series about 3 priests who live on craggy island in ireland.

one is a simple soul, one is a raging alcoholic and one is what passes for normal.

be warned if you have a dodgy bladder!

I taught Mrs Doyle’s teenage niece! Crazy, lovely, spirited child!

Hi, im a night Zombie too lol

Ive been watching victorian horror storys, Aliens, ghosts, conspiracy theories anythingvto get me through the night, I sleep at odd times, its lonely having ms even when your family is around you, I have 5 cats too :relaxed:

hi sue

i’m very jealous of you having 5 cats, we only have one now.

in happier times i had 4 and the kittens of the one who was a but of a tart.

i even watch some of the open university and shock myself when i manage to understand it.

science is good when professor brian cox presents it.

bit of totty always helps!

You know you want to Father, have a scone! Couldn’t resist it.

more tea father. go on, go on, go on!

I was just brewing that line (no pun intended) and you beat me to it!

The first episode of Father Ted… Well I wasn’t sure, very surreal! But all these years later I regularly quote the show and have so many favourite lines some too rude to write here but…

down with that sort of thing.

that would be an ecumenical matter!

Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

NUNS! Arghhhhhhhh!

it was only resting in my bank account.

Father, I killed a man.

i could go on and on (like Mrs Doyle)

Did you ever watch black books, or the I.T. crowd at all Sue? If you can watch 4 od app via your telly. You can watch all the repeats.

Are we all crackers? I watched erm, I’ve forgotten, but I did finish off the rest of my ferrero Roche chocs. Found the wrappers this morning.

Laughing at all the posts, I thought sofa surfing was the students who save on rent by sleeping at many different houses on friends sofa’s. As for totty, well I’m sure that’s what lads of the 60s & 70s used to go to dance clubs for…to stand around looking for the ‘totties’ they fancied giving a lift home to, despite them driving with 3 or 4 pints in their bellies.

Carole, Mike Oldfield was/is a true music genius. I bought his Tubular Bells album, in L.P. form. The front artwork like a steel tube wrapped around itself. Fabulous.

Chrissie x

soundgarden - i watched and still watch the IT crowd, black books, the big bang theory.

my family reckon i watch all the shit telly, i let them live (just).

in case you don’t know i’m a Uma Thurman wannabe, just waiting for tarantino to discover me!

outwardly i’m a gentle soul with the patience of a saint.

that’s because my alter ego (uma) does all the violence for me.

bah hah haxx


everybody had a copy of tubular bells.

it was played at every party for many years.

lovely ambient sound