Important post...what was your favourite Xmas TV viewing?!

We’ve been ignoring the essentials for far too long! All this talk about MS when we all know that the real question is ‘what did you enjoy on the telly this Xmas’? Here’s my list: Jane Eyre - which I think was the best version I’ve ever seen Death At Pemberly - which was a joy to watch and I guessed who did it! Plus it ran for 3 evenings which made it even better. Miss Marple - apart from the story which was good, the furniture in the new house was fantastic (forget the corpse… look at those floor lamps!). The drama about the mad red-headed twins… Forget what it was called… But was great seeing Olivia Colman and Vanessa Redgrave on screen together. And on New Year’s Eve I watched a film on ITV 3 called ‘A is for Acid’ with a charming Martin Clunes running around banging people on the head and then getting rid of their remains in baths of acid. It was brilliant… Really cosy telly… What did you love… Or possibly hate? Pat xxx (smilie face)

Nothing like a post which will divide so many opinions!!! For me, there was no ‘new’ programmes which caught my eye. I revelled in the glory days of the Christmas specials on Gold… Vicar of dibley, fools and horses and outnumbered were the pick. I also sat down and watched some movies I had on mt sky box. Les miserables…long but very good Alan partridge, alpha papa…disappointing Hangover 3…hmmmm, should have stopped after the first one. Hide and seek…not a new movie, but soooooo good A few good men…not watched this in ages, forgot how brilliant it is Am also very pleased to see back of singing and dancing shows for another year!!! Flopsy x

As it is always lots of repeats, I had recorded stuff to watch, and I particularly enjoyed The Mill. It was originally on channel 4 over 4 weeks, a period drama about a workhouse, well worth it.

I also enjiyed Jane Eyre, so as you can already guess, I particularly enjoy period dramas, and of course Downton Abbey, and Boxing Day was reserved for the footy.

Pam x

Oh Pam how could I have forgotten Dowton Abbey!!! Yes it was great and really enjoyed it. I saw The Mill when it was first shown and thought it was very good. I also love period drama and the other day one of those freeview channels… ‘Drama’ channel I think… showed the whole of the Pride and Prejudice … the good BBC one but I’ve already forgotten who starred… anyway the one with the famous ‘wet shirt’ scene! Was brilliant as went on for hours. Perfect viewing for me. Hope you’re doing well hon, Pat xxx

Thanks Pat, I am doing okish, could sleep for England though! Hope you are feeling betterPat, weather dos nit help unfortunately, here in Gloucestershire much the same as everywhere, we need boats not cars! My heart goes out to everyone whose home has been flooded, must be soul destroying.

Take care

Pam x

Mine too Pam. It’s awful and just thankful that we have the Thames flood barrier in London… which has been raised again tonight. I managed to get out to the shops this morning… but I’m so tired now. In bed… again! Weak as a kitten though kittens seem to have much more energy. Hey ho… I’m not flooded so things could be much much worse. Take care hon, Pat xx


The TV hardly went on for anything else, including a very poor Dr. Who.

Like you I love period dramas and enjoyed Downtown, and Call the Midwife. A few movies caught my attention but none enough to stick.

Glad you haven’t got wet feet, it’s been awful here in the Lakes too but luckily I’ve only got minor wind damage, we don’t flood thank goodness. Take care everyone.

Cath xx

I watched Home Alone 1 &2 - kids loved that.

Vicar of dibley, Mrs Browns Boys, Still Open all Hours, and Birds of a Feather.

My mind has gone blank can’t remember anything else

Mel x

Downton, Call the midwife, Death in somewhere or other and the Vanessa Redgrave Olivia Coleman drama. Power cut during Jane Eyre ! Hope everyone is safe…unbelievably bad in Herefordshire but never the less we are lucky…no wet feet! Nina x

I’m such a saddo, I’ve loved having all the Harry Potter films on. Me and Hannah still had a weepy moment when Dobby died and I watched the 2nd part of the Deathly Hallows last night (I saw it at the cinema when it was released but not seen it since)

Sonia x

How did I forget Call The Midwife! Loved it… the wedding at the end was a great Kleenex moment! Pat xxx

Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, yet to watch Death comes to Pemberly and definitely Sherlock! Teresa xx

Erm, Toy Story Three? So many snapshots of real life issues. Harry Potter-it has to be done. Patrick Stewart’s Scrooge-overacting tio a fault. Muppet’s Chistmas Carol-Michael Caines finest ever role. But top of all was Carols from King’s because I’m such a music snob! Best of luck for 2014. Steve

Oh Steve I love the Carols from King’s as well. It’s always something that makes me think Xmas has truly started. I always mean to hear it live on the radio at 3pm, but usually forget and watch it on telly instead… and although not at all religious I like the ‘lessons’ also. All the best, Pat xx

Mrs Browns Boys.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).