Downton Abbey

Hi all, can you help l taped sundays downton abbey and YES the tape ran out before the end so missed the end . Can any one tell me what happened in the last half hour. many thanks Jan xxxx

Hi Jan. I do watch it but have a problem with names, in typical ms fashion I’ll try to help…

Lady Edith had to tell Granny about her pregnancy as she suspected something, and she’s going to Europe with Auntie from London for a few months and baby will be adopted, granny will pay her costs, family think she’s going to improve her French.

The young cousin got caught getting cosy with her singer boyfriend by the brother in law who told Lady Mary. She went to see him knowing the cousin only wants to shock her mother, he agreed and finished with her.

Lady Mary spoke to the chap with the rapist butler, not telling him why, but that he had to get rid of him. He then arrived at the house at the last minute and said the butler had been killed, stumbled out into the road and got squashed, they now hope it wasn’t Bates who killed him because he went to York that day alone.

The Lord came back from America and the summer fete was a great success.

Hope all that makes sense. Hope I haven’t missed anything, I’m sorry about my partial amnesia, I actually deleted it a couple of times hoping someone else could explain better, and hope for your sake they do.

Cath xx

Cath you have done a fantastic job explaining it all. I still think Mr Bates finished Lord Granvilles butler off, good on him if he did.

I am so going to miss Downton on a Sunday, being replaced with that stupid jungle thing.

Best news of all, there is a 2 hour special over Christmas.

Pam x

It’s totally ridiculous, I watched Downton and By Any Means, both on a Sunday evening and both stopped. Now there’s only The Paradise to watch and to be honest I wouldn’t mind if I missed an episode of that. Ridiculous. I’m looking forward to the Christmas episode.

Thank goodness I have dvds.

Cath xx

Min - strange last episode not repeated at 4.30 pm following Sunday. - thats when I’ve been watching it . It is available on itv player with a smart tv for 1 week so I’ll watch it there. Check out friends with a smart tv. Tony

Hi, I just checked my Radio Times… it is repeated on Sunday at 4.05 pm on ITV.

There you go Jan… you can watch it and believe me it’s worth it.

Pat x

That’s a relief, I’m glad you don’t have to rely on my jumbled ramblings. I once had a really good IQ. Since ms I’ve been reduced to an idiot, never mind lesions I think I’m losing brain cells. It took about half an hour to write that explanation. Deleted and restarted it at least 3 times.

Cath xx

Cath, Don’t put yourself down! That was a brilliant resume. Have a good weekend everyone, Nina x

Thanks Nina. Does anyone else feel the same frustration with their cognitive abilities diminishing rapidly? I think I’m doing okay until I need to remember names etc. Have a good weekend everyone.

Cath xx

Oh God Cath my cognitive stuff is terrible! I forget things all the time… I was going to answer Jan’s post but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the end of Downton!!! I was very impressed that you did!

One of my worst moments… this was a few years ago… I was playing with my grandson and suddenly I couldn’t remember his name at all. I was in a terrible panic… his name just wouldn’t come until I calmed myself down. Awful.

I have a small blackboard up and as soon as I think of something I have to do… or something I need to buy… I write it on board… have to do it IMMEDIATLY otherwise it will be gone.

Here is a good trick that I use all the time… say you’re lying in bed and you suddenly remember that you have to phone GP in morning. Take something off your bedside table and put it on the floor and say allowed… ‘remember to phone GP’.

When you see it on floor in morning you will remember.

It really works. I do it all the time. If I’m going out and I need to do something as soon as I get back… I’ll put the tea-towel on the kitchen floor. Anything put in the wrong place will jog your memory.

Have a good weekend hon,

Pat x

Hi Cath, Yes, mega frustration…I hate it! Used to be quite efficient and capable…even co ran a large PLC in my former life. Anyone meeting me now would never believe it…in actual fact even I often wonder if it was all dream! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Jelly brain x (aka Nina)

Hi All many thanks for your input l am sorted to watch the tv this afternoon take care Jan xx

Thanks ladies, you’ve actually made me cry. I’m so relieved. I forget the names of close friends and feel like I’m a real self involved bitch as it’s so wrong. Thank you again xxxxx. And Jan I’m so glad you get to watch it, I’m sure there’s a lot more happened than I remember.

Cath xx

Hi all, downton abby watched did someone say that its on again for a xmas one off hope so. Cold here today maybe snow hope not.take care ragards Jan

Hi Jan, yes a special at Xmas!

Cold here too but I don’t think snow. Sky is very pale grey though… hmmm…

Hope you’re having a good day, stay warm and cosy.

Pat x