I’m rather excited about new series of Downton Abbey tonight!!!

Does this qualify me as being a SAD person… or maybe a GET A LIFE person?

Possibly… but am I bothered? Nah!

Pure escapism. Bring it on!

Pat x

I’m with you Pat. Used to love Upstairs Downstairs too. Have you seen the TV thread on EL. Real trip down memory lane.

Ditto Pat! Love it! Teresa xx

Me too! Just love it ! If you’re sad Pat…we must all be! Nina x

Oh God that was wonderful!

I want to live at Downton (although obviously upstairs… hahaha)

Pat x What’s the chances of Lady Mary and Tom Branson getting together???

Ah, now I drew the line at that, as I just don’t think hubby could handle it, he’s already panicking about Strictly :smiley:

I might joke but seriously, he has a little bingo system going with Holby City, just for the unfortunate times he sees it, the standard ones are “a bleed”, “taciocardic” and “intubate”, he’s then pick a random one for bonus points i.e. This week there’ll be a “myocardial infarction”, Yep, he does not appreciate my viewing in general - we usually only agree on the foodie programmes.

Sonia x

I must be even more sad as I recorded it to watch in peace during school hours. Have to rush through my chores then it’s a cuppa and tv time.

Take care

Cath xx

I watched the BBC By any Means I have seen Dowton but like something a bit faster. No Pat you are not sad we need to escape for a hour and TV drama is a great source of escapism I hope you enjoyed it.

Love Downton, so glad it is back again.


Loved it! Escapism at its best! Nina x

Loved it - I especially like the below stairs stuff. It must be my working class roots! Teresa xx

Oh it was worth recording. By any means on the BBC was really good too.

Yee hah! 10 minutes to go before ITs on again! Im probably sadder than all of you together, because Im watching the X Factor whilst typing this. Yes, Im a bit of a TV addict, I`m afraid.

Love, Faith WB

Oh it was so good again!

I wish it was longer though… last week was an hour and half… think it should always be that long!

I’m a bit of a TV addict as well Faith. Stuck indoors a lot of the time and I think it’s a bit of a saviour really.

Pat x

I never watched much telly before ms but now I’m even considering getting one for my bedroom. Don’t know what I’d do without my tv, can I join your sad gang please?

Min I have got one in the bedroom! It’s an absolute MUST. When your dealing with the MonSter, you have to have your bedroom set-up to make those bed-days as comfy as possible.

In my bedroom I have:

TV with dvd player

CD player


Nintendo thing which I play scrabble on

Laptop (and I have 2 power cables… living-room & bedroom)

Kindle and loads of books

All the absolute essentials… oh and I even pay for Lovefilm Instant so I can watch films on laptop in bed!

Pat x

I agree tv can be a life saver, and Downton should be on longer…roll on next Sunday!

Have a good week everyone, dull, dreary and trying to rain here.

Pam x

It was great, wasn’t it? I just love Maggie Smith, the dowager Countess. Best wishes to everyone. Nina x

Thanks Pat, I’m still new to this unable situation I find myself in and at the discovery stage where I realise that what was perfectly comfortable before is now a bit unpleasant. I’m hoping to move into more appropriate accommodation and have my house on the market so I don’t really want to buy anything else but I’m starting to wonder now if that is the right attitude to have. Sorry everyone about the paragraphs, I can get them when using my kindle but not my laptop! Have just used lots of spaces so please don’t think I’m daft if some words are in above paragraph. Anyway, I’m considering my options, I have laptop, kindle and nintendo which I love playing touchmaster games on, and am still at the denial stage where I only go upstairs to bed if I’m exhausted and going to sleep. Otherwise I plod around but days like today when I ache all over and even breathing is uncomfortable I’m rethinking things. Well, take care everyone and I hope your weather is better than here in the Lakes where it’s windy, overcast and typically autumn, but can’t complain too much as we had a lovely weekend of sunshine. Cath xx

Hi Cath, it does take ages to get your head around it and learn the best way to live with MS.

In my experience, you cannot fight the monster. The more you fight the more it fights back and you end up even more exhausted and symptoms going nuts.

In fact I try not to even think of it as a ‘monster’… because it is my own body, it is part of me, and so I wonder how helpful it is to hate it as an enemy. But this attitude is a challenge and something I can’t always manage!

Of course I realise that my position is much easier than most. I don’t work. I live on my own so don’t have to worry about the well-being of others… if I’m not up to cooking I can just shove a ‘heat up’ in the microwave… or even have a bowl of porridge for dinner. If I don’t do any laundry then it’s only my clothes that are piling up.

If I spend all day in bed, which I frequently do, it won’t impact on anyone else’s life but my own.

But I would advise, whenever possible, to learn to ‘listen’ to your MS… and on days when it’s rattling its cage, go to bed… or at least have a ‘dressing-gown day’ and do no more than is absolutely necessary.

This of course does take time… but eventually you will be able to judge what sort of mood your MS is in. It still takes me by surprise sometimes (I went to a market on Sunday and had to come home after half an hour… and back to bed)… but most of the time I can tell if I’m up to doing something or not.

Give it time.

Very autumnal in London… but lovely.

Pat x