Just realised this ‘Downton’ post has gone rather off track!

Yes Nina I LOVE Maggie Smith!!!

Pat x

OK, so I don’t watch it still… but I’m loving TV at the moment!

I’ve finally caught up on Strictly for the weekend and I’m loving it! (although I’m probably slightly in the dog-house as he hates Strictly more than Holby!)

I’m also tickled pink that Danny Dyer is joining Eastenders at Christmas :smiley:

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

I think they definitely need some new faces in Eastenders, more the merrier.

Pam x

i love Downton,i too wish it was on for an hour and a half too.couldnt wait for it to come back on,and so excited about the xmas one,how sad am i tho lol.


Any blokes out there who love Downton? Thought not. Wonder how many would respond to a thread about Top Gear or the Champions League; as PPMS is 50/50 male/female then should be as many as this thread, non…?

I love football as well Clucker!

Pam x

I love motor racing clucker, not just Downton. You only have to mention it and we can start an F1 thread!!! Nina x

Sonia I love Strictly too, loved Dave Myers, the hairy biker, that was entertaining, there’s some real talent this year.


PS sorry for wandering off topic xx

Fantastic! I kind of cringed and loved it at the same time :smiley:

Abbey Clancy is just gorgeous and she can dance, and she’s young… so unfair LOL x

Clucker, I don’t do footie but love top gear! I’m still a petrol-head even now I’m not driving :wink:

Sonia x

Interesting Nindancer. The fitness you need to drive F1 is phenomenal. Their core muscles have to work twice as hard to maintain balance and drive the car effectively. They’re dripping with sweat by the end of a race. And I’ve been told that one of the reasons why I sweat so much doing exercises at the gym is because of my MS, with my muscles having to work much harder than before because half of me isn’t getting the message from the brain to actually move! So there’s an F1/MS link in their somewhere; we feel, after an hours worth of mid-intensity exercise, exactly how they feel after a day banging round a racetrack doing 200mph.

It’s a blinking nuisance everything being so hard Clucker, it drives me bonkers!!! And I hear you on the links :slight_smile:

I taught pole fitness and there’s still a pole up in my dining room… I still have callouses on my hands but then I did do that stuff for 8 years and it’s quite handy that doing the qualifications I know some great stretches and can trick my body into doing the ones it doesn’t want to do (but that takes a LOT of patience) and I can deadlift my weight… just! But my right leg drags a little, and a single spin requires a little bit of rest now… mainly to make the room stop spinning :wink:

I think we are athletes trapped in our own bodies!!! There’s a few things I intend to try soon (possibly because I’m a bit daft!) and I’m just not ready to put it away yet, besides, you drag your feet doing a “lazy walk” :wink: x

I loved top gear before they got cocky. I loved the Africa and Vietnam specials and the rest of their challenges but Jeremy especially has had a personality change and it just irritates me now sadly. I do watch old re runs though.

The little one… Sorry name won’t come to me…lives very near me. Not the type you’d want as your best friend !! Cocky little so and so…comes and goes in a helicopter!! What a life! Nina x

Hi Nina, he’s Richard Hammond, and yes the popularity has really gone to their heads. I still enjoy James May - the slightly geeky one, he’s made some really good programs and the fame doesn’t seem to have affected his behaviour much, I think he’s really good at explaining things.

Cath xx

I like James too :slight_smile:

Sonia x

ME TOO best thing on tv just now along with the dancing good sunday nights for a bit xxxxJan

Ah, new series of homeland on tonight at same time as Downturn…(sorry, but love the private eye sketch). Oooo, the agony of choice, similar to the one I just made as to whether to have yet another cup of ****ing mint tea or a nice glass of Rioja. Mmmm, tough one.

OMG the Anna Bates story was shocking!

Pat x

Yes Pat, even though I know it’s fiction I felt so sorry for her and just wanted her to tell her husband. When the rapist showed himself so arrogantly too I really wanted to punch him. Didn’t see that coming. Just hope she’s not got a 9 month condition or they’ll think she’s promiscuous.

Cath xx