The C-Word

Hi gang!

Anyone see this drama on BBC 1 last night?

Really powerful drama based on true story. Great acting by all & esp by Sheridan Smith in the leading role.

While I would never compare having MS to having terminal cancer (in fact quite the opposite… it’s one of those times when you thank God you are dealing with MS and not cancer!) there are some similarities in having something come into your life that completely changes everything.

It’s really worth watching and is available on iplayer.

Hope everyone is having a good Bank Holiday Monday.

Love Pat xx

I’ll try to catch-up on that, thank Pat

Sonia x

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Hi Pat

I recorded it so will watch later, sounded powerful on the clips that were shown advertising it.

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday, sun out here.

Pam x

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going to watch it on catch up,its a lovely sunny afternoon here in Leeds, just been watering my tubs and pots,and feel like ive done a shift down the b****y pit lol.

J x

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l recorded it - and watched it late last night when l got to bed. Having had 5 good friends die of cancer after a long battle - l found this BBC drama so accurate - and so well produced and acted. Yes, Sheridan Smith - and Paul Nicholls portrayed the young married couple so well. And her parents - especially when her father sat with her and he was in tears.

Yes, lt does make you feel glad that you have MS rather then the Big C. lf you have to have anything at all that is.

Don’t forget that Vitd3 deficiency is connected to 17 types of cancer - especially breast cancer and prostate.

l am glad l recorded it - as l will watch it again. Sheridan Smith was good friends with the poor girl. And actually did shave her hair off so as to make her role more authentic.

Well done BBC.

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Cant bring ourselves to watch as Heathers best mate is undergoing chemo at the moment so to close to home . XXX Don



you’ve reminded me to watch this , looks good

kat x


l recorded it -because it was on Sunday evening - and we always have friends round for dinner. And one of my friends - her parents died of cancer.

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I was diagnosed with cancer exactly 25 years ago. I was just married and was 25. I had stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radiation during the summer of 1990.

I was so sick and lost my hair too. I remember whilst in hospital a woman coming round with the most dreadful wigs and yes my hubbie and I laughed and laughed at them. He actually went out and got me a really nice one that was so similar to my own style and colour.

I was also told that children would probably not happen - but in the end I had 4.

Somehow though I coped better then than I do now with this unknown neurological problem which may be PPMS (who knows). With the cancer I was given “tools” by the doctors to sort out the problem and felt I had a fighting chance. Which I embraced with possitiveity. Now when I go to see my neurologist I feel he doesnt know what to do and it is like “the blind leading the blind”.

Also, I could put my wig on and paint my face with makeup and essentially “look” like everyone else. People didnt stop me and say “What have you done to yourself ?” Now no matter how hard I try I limp along with a foot attached to me that refuses to darn well work making it impossible to blend in.

But like MS types are all different, Cancers are all different too. The one I had was not aggressive therefore I always knew I had a fighting chance.

Moyna xxx

Very interesting Moyna. You’ve really been through it.

Yes we always assume that cancer is so much worse than MS… but I can see your point entirely.

I just wish you could get a dx!!!

Thinking of you and hoping you are having a nice weekend.

I’m very tired today and a bit down and if my arm was made of chocolate I’d happily eat it.

Love Pat xx

Thanks Pat. We are a bit down too. My father in law died this week, funeral is on monday. He was 89 had a great life but never the less still sad.

Moyna xxx


Very sorry to hear that Moyna. My condolences to you and your husband.

Pat xx

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Moyna so sorry to hear your news xx

Just watched The C Word on catch up…

WOW! good job my snot rags were on hand I agree with you Pat though MS is not comparable to Cancer there are emotional similarities to having a life changing diagnosis. I could relate totally to some of what was said.

Snowqueen x


So sorry for your loss Moyna, thinking of you, take care.

Nina x