Fab radio show about MS

Listened to Jim Sweeney’s ‘My MS and Me’ this morning and had to recommend it to you all. It’s funny, touching and brilliant. His experiences and struggles are so like mine and I am sure many of you will also identify with them.

It’s available on iPlayer and I will attempt to link to it now - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01pjkxb/Jim_Sweeney_My_MS_and_Me/

very good

thanks for sharing

carole x

You beat me to it. Listener to this on iPlayer late last night. Not sure it’s ideal for bedtime listening, though, as I seemed to have a rather troubled night afterwards. I drifted off just at the point where he was contemplating whether he’d have to spend the rest of his life confined to one room, and I think this must have preyed on my mind.

I also took issue with a few things that were not factually correct, such as claiming DMDs were immuno-suppressants (they’re not) or that you can’t eat fats with MS. His choice not to eat them, perhaps, but given most of the audience will be largely ignorant of MS, I thought it irresponsible to suggest we’re all meant to be on a strict diet.

I’m just waiting for next time I tuck into a cream cake, some do-gooder to pipe up: “Oh, but you shouldn’t do that with your condition, you know! It must be true - I heard it on the radio - from a chap who had MS!”



I have just listened to it, brilliant !!made me laugh and cry, ok he may not have all his facts right but still very well done. Karen x

Just had a listen. I Wonder who the audience were, as it must have been painful for non MS sufferers!. Thanks for the link.



This is great! I could relate to this sooooo much. It would be great if he was on telly or may be released a CD. I could give it to my family and say listen to this and put yourself in my shoes (if you can bend down to tie them) for an hour of your time. Yes this is what it is like for me plus with a few more added extras.

Luved it!


Thanks for the link , really enjoyed it.

Witty intelligent and no self pity.

And not one mention of “I have MS but MS doesn’t have me”


Thanks for the link, I had a listen and I could relate to most of it also it made me smile so Thankyou.