Radio 5 live lunchtime today

Hi Folks I have been informed that BBC presenter Shelagh Fogerty is dedicating an hour of her lunchtime show to talk about MS on Radio 5 Live.

Ed Holloway (Head of Care & Services Research) will be interviewed live alongside:

James West - who has MS and is from Birmingham

Prof Robin Franklin - talking about myelin repair

Dr Alasdair Coles - focusing on alemtuzumab

Dr Jelinek - talking about Overcoming MS, but not appearing live on air

I am particularly interested in Dr Jelinek’s and how he is today, particularly as I read his book a few years ago and often wonder whether his diet is still helping him today.

Wendy x

Thanks for the tip and sounds worth listening to with a cast like that. I expect it will be available on i player, so those interested can always catch up.

Just seen Stewart’s message on a duplicate post. Fortunately, I think Ed’s speech will be worth listening to as well.

Sadly, the show has been cancelled. This is due to the fact that Ed Milliband’s speech about Labour’s relationship with the unions has taken priority.

It has been put back to next week.

Stewart (admin)

Tuned in at work on my lunch break and a bit disapointed as I blagged a radio as well!

Thanks guys a bit disappointing but apparently it should be aired at another time, I hope!

Anyone aware if this programme has been rescheduled for today? I am tuned into radio5 just in case.

I haven’t heard anything Whammel and I usually get an email from those on high!

Wendy x

It was on, but I only caught the end of the progamme and need to catch up on i player. Probably need to look between 12-1pm.

Happy listening.

Ah thanks for that I will have a listen later,

Wendy x

Hi Folks!

Sorry to be a numpty, but where can I listen to a recording of this show?

(…If it was a TV prog, I wouldn’t need to ask, but I’m hopeless finding ‘radio catch-up’ shows!!)



Hi Dom

Have just listened to it. I found it on BBC i player just click on radio 5 or type multiple sclerosis into the search box

hth Dinks

A reduced cast list and nothing new, but all good exposure.

I didn’t hear anything about George Jelinek?

I was at Doctor Jelineks seminar in Brighton last Sunday. He is in amazing health and on no medication. He spoke eloquently of his OMS programme to a packed audience of over 500 people. I found him an absolute inspiration and will continue to follow his programme to the letter

Thanks All …just listening to the recording now!