did anyone see simon gilespie (sorry spelling) on bbc breakfast just now wednesday???

morning everyone

hope you are all as well as you can be. i was just watching bbc 1 breakfast ( wednesday 30th oct) and simon gillespie came on to talk about the british heart foundation. did he ever talk on the news ect about ms when he was in charge of the ms society?or what ever?

well hiope you all have a great day. caz

hi caz

i didnt see the programme on tv. but am guessing that yes, he did talk re ms when he was working for mss. ms is kinda far down the pecking order for ‘popular’ illnesses/conditions-cancer, heart, alzeihmers (?sp) any kids illness and animals seem to be more popular (am not saying if that right or wrong but that is what seems to be)

and simon needs to go where the best job for him is i guess…(btw i do not know him! i just think that dedicating ur work/life to one single thing in very unusual eg since 18 i guess i have had 6/7 jobs)

ellie (who is very comfortable telling those genuinely interested in what its like to live with ms or discuss the weather!)


am surprised u havent had more replies caz!



You’ve got the job! - Get onto Lorraine’s morning show - and tell all. As you so rightly point out - we are far down the popularity list. Time now for MS to be ‘fashionable’ and the point made that we respond well to large amounts of chocolate.


i have responded fantastically to chocolate! a daily curly wurly at 9pm has helped me lose 4 1/2 stone!!!

ellie x

ps i have just found the right person to write my book for me-watch this space! lol