MS awareness

Hi everyone, I haven’t been on for a while, just haven’t felt up for it. Anyway I’m sure I’m not on my own with this one. Recently on BBC breakfast and I will say quite rightly too, they’ve been giving MND and Parkinson’s a good platform, with either celebrities or family members talking about it, Sally has been doing it, now don’t get me wrong, I think its great for those chartie’s, but how come no one is on there talking about MS and promoting that. A friend of mine said “basically you haven’t got a sexy condition” Now as we will know, there are plenty of celeb’s with this condition, so why not stand up and speak about it, I would if I could, but I’m not in the public eye. Thanks for reading, Jean x

Hi, JK Rowling is a huge MS supporter and has donated millions of pounds for research. If I recall she lost her mum due to complications from advanced MS. JK is an absolute star in my eyes.

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Not sure anybody should expected to divulge their medical situation, ‘celeb’ or not, if they use it as a plot device, they usually get it wrong as peoples ms is different, case in point, something I am watching right now! I think Kadeena Cox raised a good amount of awareness on Masterchef!

Hi, thank you for your replies. I totally agree about JK, she is amazing and I thank her very much, as is Kadeena, to say she has MS and can still do so much is amazing, sadly a lot of us can’t, me included. I not demeaning what a lot of people do for MS, I just wish more was made of it so the wider public would know more about MS, that’s all. I certainly don’t want anyone to divulge their medical situation if they don’t wan to.

Hello Jean,

As I never emerge from under my duvet at that hour of the morning, I’m afraid I’ve not seen the TV that you speak of.

Just a thought… Why not write to Sally at BBC Breakfast and suggest she does it? It could be worth a try, and as others here point out, there are several ‘celebs’ with the condition.