MS TV Advert

Just been sent an email with a link to the up and coming MS Tv advert.

I feel that any sort of public awareness about MS is well over due, especially when you compare how little publicity or awareness of MS is out there in comparison to other illnesses.

The email says that the MS Society is launching its “biggest ever campaign” which includes this “powerful” Tv advert.

I really hope there are other things in the pipeline to bring this sh*tty illness to the forefront apart from this advert !

Is it really a hard hitting powerful advert ?

Will it actually stir up peoples emotions & awareness about MS ?

Please don’t get me wrong, its great that an advert is finally going to be broadcast, as I’ve never seen one in the 6 years that I’ve had MS, but personally I don’t feel the advert could be described as “powerful”.

Yes, it show’s one chap in a wheel chair, but with the other “characters”, you could ask yourself, what is wrong with them ?

I feel unless you actually have MS or know someone who has it, you wont understand what the advert is trying to get across !

How will showing a lady exercising, or putting on make up or even sitting by an MRI scanner stir up enough emotions to get people to donate money ?

Personally I don’t think the advert even comes close to showing what its really like to live with MS.

Come and video my sister for a day, then shove that up on prime time TV, now that will give people a taster !!!

May be I’m just missing the point of the advert ?

Just curious what others think about it ?

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Saw it myself on the media, lets hope some politicians and celebrities take it on board because there is so much ill health and lots time due to MS. It needs an awareness programme to find a cure. Good post Jactac

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Even now people say “there`s bugger all wrong with you”.

Tell you what? I`ll swap places with you any day of the week.

I havent seen it yet but I dont hold out much hope.



The way MS is portrayed in this advert I really cant imagine it will raise the slightest bit of awareness.

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I don’t want to knock the MS Society for putting this advert out there, I really don’t.

But it’s just so so lame in comparison to actually having MS.

I really was shocked and disappointed in how bland it comes across, I just can’t see how it will get people to sit up and realise how dreadful this illness is.

It makes me wonder who actually commissioned the content of the advert and then actually thought that it show’s a “powerful” insight into having MS.

Theres no way that this person or persons has been struck down with MS !!!

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There was a brutal MSS poster back in the eighties that showed a woman with her spine being ripped out (or something like that) and it certainly got a lot of attention. Probably considered too shocking today.


I remember that it was around the time i was awaiting my diagnosis in 1992 .It scared me to death.

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There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when trying to raise awareness with illnesses ect , but I think sometimes there is a need to shock people into reality. Especially with something like MS, which is not out there being “advertised” like the other more common illnesses.

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Just curious if anyone has actually seen this Advert on TV ?

seems to have gone to other extreme. many people now think m.s. is at worst treatable and at best preventable.

Not on TV, but assume it’s this one on the facebook page. MS Society UK - Stop MS TV advert | Facebook

Yeah that’s it.

So it looks as though the MS Society’s “most powerful” ad campaign to date isn’t even being broadcast on television.

No wonder other charities steal the “limelight” eh !!!

Apparently the advert was on Channel 4 three weeks ago, so a few people must have seen it. While I tend to agree with you and think a stronger message would be more effective, it’s not really aimed at us is it? Not doubt a focus group worked on the best approach to raise cash for research and that’s what they came up with.

Any public awareness needs to be hard hitting and “in your face”.

Channel 4 is something I guess, but its not exactly “Prime Time” advertising is it.

Obviously any advert is not aimed at us who already have MS, it’s message is to highlight this horrible disability to the forefront of the general public, but a weak introduction like this advert is, for couple of minutes on Channel 4 is not going to stir up any emotion what so ever.

I really think that the MS Society could of, and should of done far better.

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I remember that advert it does stick in the mind maybe that’s what we really need when it comes to attempts to raise awareness, after all you can’t beat shock value. Just think of all those harrowing commercials for the NSPCC, i’ll bet most of us can remember at least one of them.

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Haven’t seen the commercial on television but have seen plenty of adverts for “sponsoring a snow leopard” “Funding to train guide dogs” type of thing. The truth is MS isn’t fluffy or soft or cuddly “although I am, just like a bear”

I think the last advertising campaign the MS Society ran was to support benefits claimants with MS anybody remember it from about five years ago “MS is enough” whatever happened to that commercial yet again I don’t think it was ever screened on television although having said that television probably wouldn’t of been the right place for it anyway.

We need something like “MND Sarah’s story” the impact might be far more beneficial than the current commercial under discussion.

But it has to be said it doesn’t matter how good a commercial is if it doesn’t reach an audience. And unfortunately prime-time advertising slots are very expensive.

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